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  • Link Belt Questions?

    I am refurbishing a mid 90's 12" Craftsman bandsaw and want to replace what I assume to be the original drive belt. I see folks posting about using a link belt as an upgrade and have some questions about them.
    • Is there a specific brand I should look for?
    • How do I measure for a replacement? Length and width?
    • Is it sold by the inch or....?
    • What's a good price?
    • Do they wear better than the poly v-belt?
    • Do I have to replace the existing pulley's?

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    Here is a good place to get some info on them, especially measuring and installing LINK BELT

    Once there click on the view and instr links pictured below for reference

    Link Belt for Power Tools


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      me too

      I use the link belt system from lee valley tools as Wbrooks links you to.

      I use the link belt on my jet table saw, delta drill press, and metal cutting band saw ..which looks similar to the jet metal cutting bandsaw.

      The results are stunning. The machines run quieter, less vibration, and perhaps better transfer of power or as some may say better horsepower.

      The link belt does come in a number of diameters, the most common I believe are 1/2" and 3/8". The 3/8 is used for my drill press.

      Some user reviews discuss the preferred replacement of the pulleys to match the belt and ensure a good fit and balance. I suggest you first buy the belt and then determine if you need to replace the pulleys.

      The stuff is usually sold by the foot or often will be offered in a 5 foot hunk at a cost savings.

      DO NOT be tempted to buy the Harbor Freight green look alike belt is coarse and does not work very well. Stay with the red stuff..

      do a google search for "power twist plus v-belt" and/or go to
      then look at the power twist belt product line. They provide specs, technical information, etc.

      Cactus Man
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