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    I'm turning into a poster boy myself, and I don't really see a problem with it. You walk into some folk's shops, and it's all Jet, or all DeWalt, etc, etc.

    Personally, I like the fact that Ridgid puts such a great warranty on their tools, you get a LOT of quality for the money, and some really smart, well designed and thought-out tools. Currently, I own (all ridgid):

    10" miter saw
    Miter saw utility vehicle
    TS3650 table saw
    Thickness planer
    Dust collector
    Shop vac
    Finish nailer
    Air compressor
    24v cordless tool set

    And I think I might be forgetting a thing or two.

    Like everyone else, I aim to get the best I can with my money, but always end up back at Ridgid.


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      Ditto to Tig's comment about landing back on Ridgid.

      I'm loaded up with lot's of Ridgid gray, and some newer orange.

      TS2424 Table Saw
      600 Jointer
      Band Saw
      Scroll Saw
      Oscillating Sander
      2 Vacumes
      Corded Drill
      18V X2 Drill
      Cordless Planer
      Angle Grinder
      12V X2 Drill
      Recip Saw
      Circular Saw w/ EZ Smart add-on
      Laminate Trimmer
      5" and 6" RO Sanders
      Jig Saw

      The only problem I ever had was a bind up on the blade tensioning on the Band Saw. I just disassembeld and reassembled and it was back in action.
      I'm not a pro that uses the tools daily, or even very hard, but I've not had any failures or problems.



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        Get Help

        I have a DeWalt planner and it works well, I have no complaints. However if you don't have a dust collector you may wish to invest in one before you buy either the planner or jointer. These things like to make chips and the blower on the DeWalt planner will send chips flying all over the place before you realize what is happening and shut it down. My Ridgid jointer works well also but plugged up without a dust collector attached. Maybe a shop vac will work.

        Speaking of jointers here is the deal. The Ridgid jointer is built upside down. I did not follow the advise in the manual and after assembly turned the jointer upright by myself - Bad Move - pulled a muscle. Here is what I told myself: "I am a pretty big guy and in pretty good shape. The jointer in and of itself isn't especially heavy and since I am not lifting it off the floor, only tipping it upright I will be OK." Don't believe it. The thing is akward. It is not like lifting balanced free weights. Get help! Get help! Get help! Do not attempt to turn the thing over by yourself.



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          wood magazine just did a review on planers, and the rigid got a top nod for its cut quality (almost as good as the dewalt 735) as well as included accesories for the price (extra blades, extension tables, and stand). apparently the ridgid was one of the best at reducing snipe as well.

          the dewalt 735 got the highest mark for the best finish, but it has a significant price increase, as well as you need to buy the extension tables which are a must if you want to reduce snipe.

          I started to shy away from the ridigid planer for the same reasons (am I starting to buy just because of the brand?) but I've been nothing but thrilled with my TS, CMS, and shop vac. When it's time for a planer, I'm getting a ridgid.


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            I have the Rigid Planer and it does a very clean job with no snipe - IF you remember to lock the head. Snipe can be real ugly if you for get that detail of operation. My jointer is an old Rayco I bought and reconditioned for $50. It's a nuisance tuning it, but once tuned it does a fine job.


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              Ridgid jointer dust collection

              Originally posted by kevin smith View Post
              Does anyone else have a suggestion on the best way to collext the shavings and dust from the jointer???

              Kevin Smith
              I have an el cheapo dust collection system hooked up to my Ridgid jointer, and it does a fair job. The chute and 4" port work fine, but my DC clogs at the intake to the blower. I've learned to keep the settings thin on the jointer (<1/16, normally 1/32), and to keep a screwdriver handy to loosen the hose clamp holding the hose to the intake port on the DC to clear out jams. All things considered, I still prefer taking this time and trouble to sweeping, and definately to sucking walnut dust (brown boogers are not my forte).


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                I saw this thread and just wanted to mention that I just purchased the Ridgid Planer and Jointer the other day and are extremely satisfied with both.

                The jointer required absolutely no adjustments right out of the box and the planer only required a few minutes of leveling the infeed and outfeed tables and that was it. The boards I ran thru were dead on accurate for thickness and snipe was very minimal and only required a light sanding to remove it.

                With these tools, its amazing how one can take $0.50/bf construction grade 2x4's and 2x6's and turn them into some rather nice looking lumber.

                I am so happy with these purchases and working with flat square boards makes everything so much easier.


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                  Only have a little orange in my shop. Cordless drill and corded jig saw are the only orange tools i own. Of course I do have a little gray in there too. BS1400, TS2400, WL1200, and TP1300. And a Giant Ridgid banner that a friend sent me.
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