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What shop tools should I buy next

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  • What shop tools should I buy next

    I'm trying to determine what my next piece of machinery should be! I have the TS 3650, a Delta miter saw, a small sander, Ridgid router, and a finish nailer.
    I'm thinking that either a drill press, band saw, or a jointer!

    What say yall ????

    And then what makes would you suggest? Without breaking the bank! I know you get what you pay for! And I don't mind spending a little more if the machine is going to last, and show the quality of work!
    Everyone thinks there problems are more important than yours!

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    You didn't mention having a jigsaw, that would be a great addition.....the bandsaw would be a great guess, although I can't recommend a model yet, hopefully I can in the next couple weeks (my next purchase).

    I have the Ridgid R3120 (German made), it's a really nice jigsaw, especially with the Bosch progressor blades (quite the upgrade to borrowing my bro's POS Black and Decker). The Bosch 1590EVSK garners the highest marks consistently and is only $130 on Amazon, after $25 bucks won't find that price elsewhere.

    Good luck