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riser block do I really need one

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  • riser block do I really need one

    I have just bought a 14 inch bandsaw and I was wondering if I should purchase a riserblock kit now or wait till I have a lot of blades too small for my saw if I buy the kit later. this is what I dont want to do. looking for some advice on this.Do I really need one, or do I think I need one. It wood be nice someday to build kitchen cabinets to resaw panels. I do about 8 to 12 projects per year. Bookshelves,night tables,rockingchairs,chests coffee tables and other small wood items. thankyou in advance for your answers.

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    If you ever plan on resawing anything over 6" thick then you need riser blocks, if you don't plan on ever resawing anything over 6" thick then you don't need riser blocks.
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      Dave is right on the money LOL. I bought a riser block for me BS1400 when I first purchased it. I am so glad I did. I have done a lot of resawing over 6". Plus I installed a table that took up some space. I knew I wanted the extra height from day one