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  • Winterizing

    I just finished putting a coat of wax on my table saw, jointer etc... I've also brought in my stains and glues. What else do you do to prepare your shop for Winter?

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    get a heater

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    new work pictures 12/09


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      I knew I was forgetting something!

      Actually I have two 45,000 BTU tank top propane heaters in the shop. I wish there was an easy way to keep the moisture down. Between burning propane and the constant winter rain, it gets pretty wet.


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        Your biggest problem is the propane, for every pound of propane you use it also adds a pound of water to the air. I had the same issues until I put in a construction heater although it is dry up here in the winter. It actually cost less to run the electric heater.


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          I just turn up the thermostat in my shop,once again!
          Just replaced my old natural gas Kenmore wall unit with a Beacon/Morris ceiling mounted low profile BRU 75 And Lovin it! Feels good to be out there in a "T" shirt when its 30 outside,gonna feel even better when it's 0 out .lol
          AC will be installed this Spring.


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            I can afford it. Garage has been Heated since I bought my house about 15 years ago. When the wall unit died last year ,I just figured I could live without heat out there, NO way I missed being nice and comfy.The AC unit gets installed in the spring this year already bought it. just waiting till then to cut the hole im the back wall. Lifes short live it in comfort. At 45 My years of freezing my butt off are done, and or sweating it off too.
            Originally posted by AllanToolGuy
            A and P

            Wait until you get your gas bill. That's not gonna feel so nice. Maybe you can lower the t-stat setting just a little.