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  • Portable to catch the dust......

    Lately I've been thinking about dust control and I'm wondering if anyone has or is using a good size shop vacuum to catch the dust from their power tools.

    Now I use a small portable hoover vac and it seems to fill up every 10 minutes of so and that's getting old, it may be time for an upgrade.

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    Actually, a lot of tools have connections for shopvacs. I have the Ridgid 16gallon and it does an adequate job. Have to keep cleaning the filter about every week, depending on how much I use it. About every 3 months, I'll replace the filter. It's a pretty decent little shopvac. Since I got the HF DC I haven't been using it as much, but it's still handy for lots of things (like keeping the shop floor clean). It's pretty easy to empty and does an ok job of collecting the sawdust.
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      I'm using my sears shop vac (5 hp) for dust collecting! I don't have a lot of tools as of yet ( 3650 TS and a Delta compound miter saw). But it gets the job done. As I aquire more woodworking equipment I will upgrade to a dust collection system.
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        Rockler has a cyclone system that attaches upstream of you shop vac. It seems like a good way to increase the collection volume and prevent clogging of the shop vac filter. I have not tried it yet.


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          Thanks for all the replies guy's...

          I've been looking at the Fein, Bosch and Festool vacuums and at those prices will be looking at least a little longer. A really quiet one seems like a good idea.


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            Shop vacs will not fill up too fast unless you are using a jointer or a planer. At that point you will be emptying it out every couple of minutes. Consider spending a few bills and get a real dust collector, you will notice a difference.


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              I use a WAP 840A 7 gallon. Quiet,powerful and has a 5amp plug, that switchs vac on, to plug you sanders(or sometimes my bosch 5amp power hand plane)into. I use the really good shop vac bags in it!!!!!!SWEET VACCUM!!!!!!
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                A WAP picking up 50lbs. of portland Cement in a little video clip was pretty amazing.

                Click on one of the little blue links.


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                  neat videoclip-I love my WAP even more now!!!!!!!
                  You can never have enough drills-too many is just enough!!!!!


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                    LOl.....which model do you have and does that pricing seem about right to you?