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What coupons are everyone using??

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  • What coupons are everyone using??

    Everyone is familiar with the HD and Lowes 10% “Moving” coupon, but what other discounts/combined offers is everyone using? I read a thread recently about an HF 20% coupon that HD and Lowes would honor. What other stores and offers is everyone capitalizing on to save a little green?

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    Here's a place I check before I make a purchase,

    I also subscribe to all of the major tool mfgs. and major internet sellers web pages. Most of the time their emails are just junk mail but every now and again there'll be a gem or two.

    Off the top of my head I can think of a couple of places that offer discounts to BB members. Hartville Tool offers a 15% discount for WoodNet members on some items, mostly small items. Tools are not included in the discount offer. I'm not 100% sure about the amount but Holbren(router bits, saw blades) also offer Woodnet members a discount, 10% IIRC. You might want to go to the WoodNet site and do a Search to find out the details on how to receive the discounts.
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