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    I am considering buying the JP0610 jointer.
    Whenever I read tool reviews about planers or jointers there always seems to be a lot of discussion about the issue of knife changing, i.e. quick change self setting knives or jackscrew and spring knives. Is this really an issue ? For instance, the TP 1300LS thickness planer comes with double sided quick change knives. How are the knives on the Ridgid JP0610 Jointer changed ? Any info on this subject would be appreciated.

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    Homeowner----I'd suggest you check the Ridgid Parts site and download a manual for the jointer---that should have information about knife changing. I've changed them on my Delta and they are the jack screw/spring type, they will give you a few fits the first time you try, since your goal is to get the knife edge exactly parallel and at the same height as the outfeed table. I finally bought one of these jointer jigs, which is magnetic and makes the job much easier than using a straight edge.

    FYI, these self-setting knives---at least the ones I've seen, are mainly on planers----double sided and disposable----if you were to sharpen them, they'd loose their size and therefore you couldn't just plop them in---if that makes sense.


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      There are set with jack screws. You have to align them sideways, as well as the heigth. I used a straight edge several times in the beginning. I purchased a magnetic setting jig. And that's the best way to do it. With the jig, you'll still have to align the sides. It's not difficult, you just need undistrubed concintration. I've never had a knife slide out of alignment with the jack screws.
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        I use a magnetic knife holder. Works great. Knife changes are easy and quick.



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          I find changing the knives in the Jointer easy. The results are good, so I am probably doing it right. Never seen or used the magnetic tool that people seem to recommend, but never felt the need to get it. Bottom line, it is straighforward, not a big deal, and may even be easier with an optional magnetic tool.

          I sharpen my own knives (I have the expensive adapter for the Tormek) and learned the hard way that handling the razor sharp 6 inch knives can be hazardous. It takes a couple weeks for your finger to heal if you try to dry the blade, and the blade cuts both the towel and finger. But nice sharp blades give wood that is "oh so beautifully" straight and smooth.


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            I actually made my own magnetic jig based on popular designs advertised in WW catalogs. I used 1/2" thick PVC sheet and disc magnetics. I found this technique easiest for me versus dial gauge method and ruler method.