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Issue with 3650 table saw

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  • Issue with 3650 table saw

    I have discovered a problem with the turn wheel for raising and lowering the blade on my 3650. I use a height guage to set the height of my blade. When I reach down to tighten the wing nut and lock the height adjustment wheel in place I can actually see the blade lower as much as 1/16" as I tighten the wingnut!!!!! I am careful not to allow the wheel to move but it happens. When I check the height of my blade with the guage, it is in fact lower and I have to reach down with one hand to bump the wheel to get the blade back up to the height I need. I'm holding the guage in my other hand to raise to the correct height. Am I doing something wrong here?

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    It sounds like back lash of the threads to me. You might try raising above your desired height, then backing it down to height, as opposed to raising to desired height....see if that helps.


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      A couple things to check:
      1. Unscrew the lock knob and remove the wheel. Check to make sure the flat on the wheel and the end of the screw shaft are not rounded out. If they are, you may need assistance from your Lifetime Service Agreement or warrantee (replacement parts). If you bought the saw second hand and its out of warrantee you may want to try tightening the fit with an epoxy like JB Weld or Marine-tex. Cover the end of the shaft with saran wrap first or you'll never remove it again!
      2. While the handle is off, remove the lock tube ( it just slips off). Grab the end of the shaft and try to move it in and out. (not turning it) If it moves at all, the retainer plate is probably loose. Looking down the shaft, you will see a plate around it with two allen-head screws located just below and to the right of the shaft. (about 7" inside the saw from the front of the cabinet and if like mine, covered with sawdust). If this plate moves when you try to wiggle the screw shaft, tighten it and retest.
      If the plate is tight and the shaft still moves, the problem is further inside the saw. Repost and I'll dig into mine further to see what else might be the problem. I haven't had this problem with mine, and don't crank down the lock except when making an exact depth cut, and haven't had any problem with the blade dropping. When I do lock it down, I just hold the handle to keep it from turning as I tighen the lock knob. Sounds like something is loose, so if there is movement, see if you can tell what all is moving (ie, just the shaft, the whole assembly, etc.)

      Hope this helps
      Practicing at practical wood working