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  • Needs a handle

    I just got a WD1451 from home depot yesterday and bought it just to use cleaning our screen room deck, every time it rains here in SW Florida the deck gets a dark buildup , I believe it comes from the screens being dirty and washes down to the deck. The deck has had a light colored Cool-Deck installed on it and it shows the dirt. Today I used the new vacuum and it did a great job by wetting it down with a garden hose and then vacuuming it up with the new machine, there is only one thing that I can suggest that would improve the use when cleaning floors and that would be a handle attachment that would go between the hose and the top wand and that would make it easier when pulling the wand back because the vacuum is so strong the attachment for vacuuming floors tend to stick to a wet floor, I think that short piece of pipe with a handle molded to it would do the trick.