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Ridgid 6800 generator governor question

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  • Ridgid 6800 generator governor question

    Hi everyone . I'm new to this forum. I recently received a ridgid 6800 genny with the yamaha mz360 motor for free . I see a lot of ppl having issues with the governor gear . Is there a metal replacment gear ? Or should I just buy a new one and replace it to be on the safe side .

    The motor wasn't working when I received it . Valve guide somehow pushed in ,stopped valve from closing and bent push rod also valve . Has anyone ever heard of that happening?

    Should I even deal with this engine or should I just find a old B&S or a good motor and replace it ?

    Thanks everyone hope I'm not a pain in the ***

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    one would most like have to go to a dealer in Yamaha engines or at least a good small engine mechanic and have the part number looked up and see if there is a "improved" replacement part, and for the damaged parts, and then it would have to be reassembled,

    there is a possibility of finding a parts catalog on the net, but I did not go looking,


    For repowering,

    more than likely the motor has a tapered shaft on it, as most type motor/generator units, so the replacement type motor will need a matching crankshaft, and usually there is a kit or tool to help remove the motor from the armature, it is not that hard to split the unit if you have the correct tools,

    what I am saying it is not just go buy a motor and put it on, it is not a universal straight shaft motor, so one will need to know the cross over to make the swap, there are some company on the net that some what specialize in re powering equipment, I see a replacement engine on Ebay $400

    I see there is a different part number on the two different engines I have linked to so one would need to call and see what one is a match, It may be one is electric start and one is manual.

    from there web store

    Call and make sure the above is a direct replacement for yours, if you would chose to go that route,

    I looks to be the same engine you have, if one wants a different brand it may be more looking and searching,
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      BHD thank you very much for all the helpfull answers . It seems if this one goes and when it does I'll just check out some new motors but definitely not a yamaha lol. The motor had one bad issue already . But as of now it still runs like a champ .
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