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RIDGID 300 refurb project

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  • RIDGID 300 refurb project

    anyone know where i could get myself RIDGID 300 machine parts or a whole set at a half decent price as i want to attempt a refurbishment project. prices for machines that seem in a bad state are still high and i get that but would be good if someone could point me in the direction of somewhere or someone that may be able to help out. surely theres like a ridgid scrapyard kinda thing the place where ridgids go to die and i could pick up some bits at a good price to restore as iv exhausted my internet searches. maybe im being too wishful but dont hurt to try. any help on this topic or repair and refurb in general would be much appreciated

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    i might end up having to ask my dad for an old machine if this doesnt turn up anything as we are in the sprinker fitter trade and he has a fleet or them but not sure how he would take me asking that haha


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      1 of our members who's also a sprinkler fitter should know as it's his go-to machine.

      Mightyservant checks in daily.

      Or, you could buy my slightly used 300 with all the goodies including the transport cart with wheels for a great price. 2 die heads for 1/2" - 2 npt.

      Or my band new Collins/ Rothenberger 22a thread-o-matic still in the crate.

      phoebe it is


      • Mightyservant
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        Go see Cal (Rick the plumber) and his dog spot!

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        back in 87, I purchased a Bronco from Cal.
        several years back I gave it away.


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      You can find them in CL but I didn't see one in your area. With the temperture warming up they are going to be harder to find but you start seeing more of them around October. A few months ago there was probably close to a dozen in NY.


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        Thanks that would of been ideal PLUMBER RICK being if we was in the same country, but your the other side of the pond from me