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CS10 v1.107 Update

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  • CS10 v1.107 Update

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know that we have released a new update for the CS10 (v1.107). It is currently available via HQ. To update your CS10:
    1. Open SeeSnake HQ and navigate to 'Tools' > 'Device Manager' > 'CS10'
    2. SeeSnake HQ will automatically download the newest update.
    3. Insert your USB flash drive.
    4. Ensure that there is enough space for the update, ~300MB of free space on the drive. An empty, or "clean" drive is preferable.
    5. If the Firmware Updater reads "Ready to copy files to Thumb Drive", then select the drive from the list (it will be highlighted in blue if you have selected it) and click the Copy button and let the updater copy the files. Click Done when it has finished.
    6. Power up your CS10 and let it boot completely.
    7. Insert the thumb drive with the update data on it into the CS10.
    8. The CS10 will prompt you about the update and ask you to confirm that you'd like to install it. Agree, then follow the on-screen instruction. It will take a few minutes to install.

    We strongly encourage all users to update to this version as soon as possible, as it provides features and fixes that should improve user interaction and overall functionality.

    Here is a list of the major changes to expect:
    • Added 'Safe to Remove USB' splash
    • Improved various UI splash messages
    • Added 'About CS10' menu
    • Additional media information is now shown in the media list menu including the count associated with a picture (or start of video), as well as the length of the video
    • Added multiple languages
    • Media menu would show 'Open USB' when no drive was inserted, changed to 'Insert USB'
    • A failure to repair the USB drive wouldn't get properly reported causing the repair check to sometimes go into a loop of check/fail/check/fail...

    We're always looking to improve our product, so please feel free to provide feedback. Good or constructive, it is always appreciated.