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CS 10 dumps its software

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  • CS 10 dumps its software

    Had an interesting issue with my CS-10 this week. Mostly posting so that anyone else struggling with this issue can get some help. It started showing a message "insert usb" at all times. So, I stuck a usb in it. That made the light go from blinky to solid, but nothing else happened. It did still work as a camera, which got me through the week, but no recording features and always said "insert usb". I finally noticed that on startup it said "version n/a" at the bottom of the screen. Took me a while to process this into a thought that it had lost its firmware somehow. Updated via hq, and all is well again. Strange.
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    Could you give more details about the fix? I have the same problem and am hoping for a DIY fix rather than taking it to the shop. Thanks.


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      Try reloading the firmware on this site.

      that's what ace/ Alex did.

      phoebe it is