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  • CS10 Blue screen

    Hello group any of you have this issue with a CS10 monitor after running for about 5 minutes the screen goes blue.

    I have to let the CS10 monitor sit for about a hour then I can restart it, works for another 5 mins and blue screen.

    Doesn't matter if its plugged in or running on charged battery's.....

    Doesn't matter if I have a USB in or not...............

    Does it with all three of these plugged in to the CS10 Monitor
    Does it with my micro reel drain mini
    Does it with my micro reel 100
    Does it with my seasnake 200

    All three reels above work great with my old VHS color monitor, so its not a wire or plug issue.

    CS10 monitor acts like its just getting hot and shuts off.........

    Screen on CS10 monitor is not acting funny nor is the screen have lines running up and down.

    Locater works good when its working.

    After about 5 mins monitor just goes blue.

    Tired HQ CS10 monitor update - does not seem to be out of date does not self load for updates.

    Any ideas - unit is about 1 and a half years old, not too much action maybe 50 camera jobs

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    Being in Arizona, might it be running hot and causing an issue. . can you try running it indoors in an AC environment and see if it does the same.

    otherwise I would call ridgid and ask them to look at it.

    phoebe it is


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      Hi Plumber Rick

      Thanks for your reply yeah I tried that, at first I thought it was because it was just to dam hot outside (so) yes I tried it in my nice A/C office, darn things works great for about 5 mins then just goes blue screen.

      I can give it about a hour and it turns back on works for 5 mins then blue..........

      Love the unit guess I have to mail it in for repairs