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    When it comes to measuring I use a measuring tap or rule and soapy water and forty years experience for finding gas leaks I bought a micro inspection camera a couple of years ago but find I never use it all these electronic devices on the market just take up room on ones truck.


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    Re: Old Fashioned

    joey a few years back embarrassed the gas company at her work.

    the gas company came out to check for a leak on a 3'' main for her office. they used their own several thousand dollar sniffer to locate 1 leak on the utility side of the meter.

    joey was out there and asked them to do a soap test. they found 3 more leaks on their side of the meter.

    needless to say, i trained her well

    gas guy was impressed and called his supervisor who was not humored

    i have sniffers and soap bottles. my soap bottles have never had a dead battery and they work great while soldering and cleaning up afterwords. the soap bottle is my go to leak locater that doesn't fail.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Old Fashioned

      some times I am amazed on how the "old some times out shines the new, few years ago I got a old hand powered drill for some work I needed to do,

      and was amazed on how easy it was to use and how it would drill larger holes in the steel I was needed to drill, I use a vice grip to clamp it on the iron and started to turn and adjust the down screw, and in nearly no time I was through the iron my guess was it would have taken a tole on the cordless drill drilling the 5/8" holes and most likely only about two holes a battery, when done I think I drilled about 130 holes with it, on that project, (yes a small 1/8 pilot hole was help full)

      I like power tools as much as the next guy, but some times a hack saw is a real time saver,
      (a number of years ago, a neighbor wanted me to show up to cut a bolt or rod, with the cutting torch, at that time I did not have a unit on my truck or a small unit so I disassemble the torch and loaded the tanks and took it over and cut the item he wanted, If I would have known what he wanted cut, the hack saw would have saved me much time, yes the cutting was faster and easer, but the total time was about three times longer with the loading and unloading and moving of the equipment,
      Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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