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  • Ca-300

    I'm hoping someone from Ridgid can respond to this thread. This is a presale question. Model 37888 is a CA-300 with the 17mm imager. A 6mm imager is available separately, I assume there are LEDs on this imager as well, although the Ridgid online documentation is lacking specifications.

    My use for the CA-300 would be for automotive use and therefore the large head is a waste of money for my application. I would have to spend another $150 on the tool to obtain the proper imager.

    Does Ridgid offer the CA-300 under a different stock number with the 6mm imager? Someone at Ridgid should get on the bandwagon and realize that there is a automotive market for this tool with the 6mm imager.

    Thank you for your reply.

    P.S. what is the zoom range? I didn't see it listed.

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    Re: Ca-300

    Read the manual, it has a 2x zoom.

    But nowhere does is state what type of carry case comes with it. I hope for this price, Ridgid does not throw it in a soft carry bag instead of a protective blow molded fitted case.


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      Re: Ca-300

      The CA300 has a nice blow molded case. The vast majority of customers are served better by the 17mm camera head with more lighting. The 6mm does have an led light on it but it has nowhere near the lighting that the 17mm does. There are also some of the 9.5 mm imager heads out there in distribution (online as well). The lighting is a bit stronger on that than the 6mm and it will work with the CA300.

      So to sum up. The 6mm does have lighting built in (LED) but its not as strong as the 9.5 and the 9.5 is not as strong as the 17mm. Smaller the size the less the lighting but it gets ya into smaller openings.



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        Re: Ca-300

        Thank you Josh for your reply.

        I didn't notice the 9.5mm imager being offered.
        Since there are three imagers available, Ridgid should offer the tool with everything(charger, case, etc.) except an imager and let the user chose which imager would better suit their needs. Considering the wide variety of tools Ridgid offers, they should not forget the automotive market, or specialty markets for which this tool could utilized.

        Please pass on my suggestion to the Marketing Dept.


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          Re: Ca-300

          When will these be available ?