I thought there was a thread with suggestions and comments on the various attachments for the
JobMax but I didn't find it in a search, so I started this one up to collect everyones' comments.

I was using my JobMax the other day with the sanding pad and thinking it would be nice to have a rotary sanding disc about 2 inches in diameter. I've seen this tool in other brands recently but they are of course a stand alone tool, not one with interchangeable heads like the JobMax. I'm not going to buy into yet another battery platform to add this to my collection, but if there was a JobMax attachment I would grab it. It wouldn't have to be a dedicated sander, it could be a right angle die grinder head with a 1/4" collet. That would let you use many different rotary tools. I guess the right angle drill head would work if you have one, but they are no longer available are they.

If anyone is looking for a manual or parts sheet for a JobMax or any other tool, look here:


I suggest you find the PDF copies of all your tools that are listed here and download a copy because apparently this list is only the active tools. So when your saw, drill, or whatever tool is no longer offered it will probably disappear from this list. And we all know how hard it is to find these documents once the tool is out of production.

If I can remember any of the other attachments I have suggested in the past I will list them here. If anyone else something on their wish list feel free to add to this thread. Maybe someone from RIDGID/TTI will stumble across it and give it some thought. Ya never know.