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  • Clean cuts.....

    Ok, so I completed a cast iron job today in the parking garage, used my new press snap.

    Great tool, especially because we were hanging hte cast and cuting in fittings.

    Couple irritating things, 3" is not a full cycle, so when you let your finger off the trigger tio soon, it dosent complete a full cycle and you find this out later when you go to make another cut. This is just going to be a learning curve, did some 4" also today, but ididn't notice the issue. Like I said, just a learning curve.

    Bad thing, and maybe I am doing something wrong, since I just pushed the instruction manuel to theside, as I do with most new things.....

    Clean cuts are next to never, I cannot score the pipe like I do with hand snaps, I feel this is the reason the cuts are so jagged, to the point where I use a grinder to clean them and sometimes came up short

    I tried everything, level the pipe, hold both ends, hold the press machine, etc.....

    So, I know hand snaps dio the same thing, when you don't score the pipe or the chain in't perfect around the pipe.....

    any thoughts....... all new cast pipe, I never snap old pipe....


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    Re: Clean cuts.....

    do you have the pipe properly supported?

    is there room for the pipe to snap?

    you mentioned that you hang the pipe and snap in the fittings later.

    that's great for existing work, but not practical for new work. the hangers would be 1 issue and the other would be the lack of a decent space for the snap to expand to . when i had dozens of c/o to install in an older garage. i used my cut off saw to cut as it was clean. and allowed for the pipe to pull out. the snapping process requires some expansion of the pipe when it snaps. plus it's more difficult to fit in the piece without having excess spacing.

    try snapping the pipe on the ground and supporting the pipe while it snaps off. of course nothing is going to be as close as factory except a saw. snapping clay is always a nice clean cut too.

    phoebe it is


    • Bob D.
      Bob D. commented
      Editing a comment
      One way to support the offcut is with a 2x4 or other size lumber depending on the pipe size. Just slip
      it inside the pipe past the cut and when the snap is made the offcut does not fly across the room. I used
      this once when working from a big platform lift. We were running 4" CI across the ceiling about 20 feet up and people and vehicles moving all around under us. The two of use would load up the lift with a dozen or so lengths of pipe plus our tripod vise, 3/8 all thread, nuts, bolts, hangers, Portaband, Hilti drill and everything else we needed and stay up there till we ran out of material or it was time for lunch. This lift has a 6x12 platform and could lift 2000 pounds so there was loads of room. We hung some netting on the rails down to the toeboards to keep stuff from falling but when we were cutting the CI were wanted something to help secure those offcuts. Sliding a 2x inside the pipe worked pretty good.

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    Re: Clean cuts.....

    as far as the 3'' you're having issues with, you need to adjust the cutter head for 3'' specifically. 1.5'', 2'' and 4'' are the back/ rear position and the 3'' is the front/ away position.

    Adjust the Press Snap cutter for the size of soil pipe to
    be cut. The size adjustment has two positions. The
    position closest to the press tool is used for 1.5", 2"
    and 4", while the position away from the press tool is
    for 3". To adjust, pull the pin out and move the adjustment
    block to the other position. Fully insert the pin.

    Because of differences in press tools, slight variations
    in operation are required.
    • For the RP 330 press tools, after the cut is complete,
    the tool rollers/ram will need to be retracted. Depress
    and hold the press tool switch to fully extend the ram
    and allow it to retract. Every cut will require two
    pulls of the press tool switch (two tool cycles).
    • If a 320-E Press tool gives an alarm after a cut (red
    LED blinks/tool beeps for 5 seconds), the tool needs
    to be recalibrated

    taken from the owners manual

    see page # 4 figure #2

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    phoebe it is


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      Re: Clean cuts.....

      Yes, cut pipe both on the floor and hanging. Pipe was properly supported in all cases.

      Yes, I adjusted the tool to cut 3"

      As I lay awake trying to fall asleep, I figure I can take the slack out of the chain with slowly pushing the trigger, then score the pipe, but I could have sworn that the advertisment said no need to score the pipe.....

      As for hanging the pipe and cutting in fittings, this worked really well!! The job went smooth and I couldn't imagin doing this job any different.



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        Re: Clean cuts.....

        The only experience I have with this tool is from a trade show, but I noticed at the trade show no one could get a straight cut with it. They all had jagged edges.


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          Any improvements been made to this tool?


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            probably a much wiser choice. Works with the included ratchet wrench or an impact wrench. Plus it has an 8" capacity compared to 4" with the press snap. Not to mention an impact wrech if needed is 1/10 the cost of a propress machine.

            phoebe it is


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              I guess that's a NO. Thanks.


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                Here's the deal i have a rp330(havent used the snaps on my new 340 yet) an the press snaps, same thing happened with mine right off the bat and what i found was, which was unfortunate but it is what it is, i had some chain wheels that were flattened and some what not 'sharp' , this tool was brand new when ibought it and it had the same issue, what i did was i took a file and cleaned up the wheels and now my snaps are my go to cast iron snaps, i have the impact cutters as well, an the u shaped handle cutters but the press snaps are my go to....once i fixed and tweaked that issue.boom the cut FAST. Even my co workers wanna borrow it all the time, also next time u use them check to see where the jaggedness is, on mine it was in the same spot all the time, i then coorilated that to the chain and thats where i discovered the bad wheels, hopefully ridgid is reading this and they do something to make this right. ......ESPECIALLY on such a item as expensive a it is.....AN not to mention how expensive the 'powerplant' of these cutters are.......but now my cutters cut clean and FAST

                Hope this helps and post up pics of the bad cuts....maybe ridgid will tale notice ajd make the jew chains with better material or QC the product better, because i was very disappointed that i had to do that to my cutters......i mean we buy ridgid for the quality right? ????


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                  Reading... Also... please let us know if you check and see a bad wheel. First I have heard of this but checking with tech service to see if they have any other reported issues. Thanks for the posts. Josh