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CS1000 Digital Reporting Monitor

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  • CS1000 Digital Reporting Monitor

    I am proud to officially announce the launch of the CS1000. A few of you have been hearing some rumors of this one for a while and its finally here and available. The CS1000 is built on the foundation of the LCDPak monitor that was recently upgraded to have a 12.1" Daylight readable display that is a huge improvement over the old display.

    The CS1000 lets you record digitally by taking snapshots, video, and a compressed video format called Autolog that allows you to store huge amounts of footage in a small space.

    The CS1000 has tight integrations with our SeeSnake HQ software (the same software that runs the LT1000) so you can take your inspections generated on the CS1000 and burn DVDs, print reports, email pdfs, and host your inspection data up on

    Check out the youtube video we uploaded yesterday... The video does a good job of showing all of the key functionality of the monitor.

    Let me know if you guys have any questions.


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    Re: CS1000 Digital Reporting Monitor

    Josh, you guys hit this one out of the ball park. This by far is one of the best pieces of equipment I have seen available for inspection camera systems.
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      Re: CS1000 Digital Reporting Monitor

      simply amazing with all the integrated features into 1 stand alone product.

      carry and go. 1 or 2 batteries for extended run times. hot swappable batteries and a/c to boot. only thing you're missing is a solar charger .

      you know every time you decide to start tinkering with your product lineup, you cost me a pretty penny can you take a break at least until phoebe is out of diapers you're killing me josh

      what next, a k-60 with a built in camera call it the ricksee-60

      phoebe it is