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Green pool steps !!WELL - RIDGID CONNECT solves that issue!

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  • Green pool steps !!WELL - RIDGID CONNECT solves that issue!

    Hi Guys,

    I recently signed up for RIDGID connect and wanted to give you an example of how I will be using this cool technology to grow my business and how I can give the customer some "piece of mind" while they are at work, school, etc etc.

    I take care some swimming pools in the summer time, and many times while we are on the job, the customer isn't home BUT they want to see what we are doing

    WELL - RIDGID CONNECT solves that issue,

    Check it out, I can be on the "jobsite" log into my RIDGID Connect account and then post pictures and information of what we are doing.

    Here let me show you quick,

    (Photos and job description below was an actual job we did - before the RIDGID connect was around )

    Step One:

    I create a JOB REPORT

    Step Two:

    I enter my job info and attach my pictures

    Step Three:

    I send the link to the customer

    Step Four:

    The customer gets a LINK in there email and BAM!

    live sample job link: xMvgg%3d%3d

    The customer can automatically and INSTANTLY see there JOB in progress or complete! They, then can "release the funds" = PAY ME

    This is just one example of what I will be doing with RIDGID Connect.

    Be sure to check back in this forum area for more of my RIDGID Connect Success stories
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    Re: Green pool steps !!WELL - RIDGID CONNECT solves that issue!

    This post does a really nice job of walking someone through how easy creating a job report is. It is going to challenge my team to step up what we are doing from a how-to standpoint. I recorded a few screen casts, but scanning this gets the point across better I think. Nice work!
    Justin Daw
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