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Drag and Drop and Much More Added!

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  • Drag and Drop and Much More Added!

    Here is a list of enhancements that were added to RIDGIDConnect today.

    Added drag-and-drop sorting of media on the job!

    Flash Player Changes
    o Videos now maintain aspect ratio instead of stretching
    o Added the hover-over play bar

    Flash Uploader Changes
    o Now shows two columns of files and can show a total of 6 files at a time
    o When a file finishes uploading it no longer is removed from the view but stays at 100% so the user can see all of the files that were uploaded
    o Added more information to the footer bar about total amount uploaded, added a total progress bar, etc.
    o While uploads are in progress there will be a cancel button. Once all uploads are finished it turns to “Reset”, which will clear out all uploaded files and start fresh.
    o Fixed numerous bugs related to button states (if you cancel an upload you couldn’t restart, removing a file while uploading would freeze, etc.)
    o Fixed bug where uploading would freeze up if there were many files being uploaded simultaneously. Now we upload one file at a time synchronously from top to bottom.

    Added tagging for media. Currently this is only visible on the media edit screen.

    The media edit page now shows file name, file size, and date uploaded

    Recent jobs and follow up are filtered by currently logged in user by default now. The creator of the job is the only one who will see them on their home page.

    Added a favicon for RIDGIDConnect

    See how it works is now the default tab on the home page if you’ve already visited the page.

    Contact Upload now adds notes to contacts again.

    The media and job page filters now default to media and jobs for the currently logged in user.

    We now log when a registered customer views a job instead of just anonymous users. However, this does not currently show up in the UI anywhere.
    Justin Daw
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    Re: Drag and Drop and Much More Added!

    AND.... There is a new desktop client out there as well. You can create jobs and associate media with existing jobs from the client now.
    Justin Daw
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      Re: Drag and Drop and Much More Added!

      Here are some screen shots of a few of the enhancements....

      I tried to highlight the important pieces of them, so these are not "clean" looking because of my shaded overlays.
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      Justin Daw
      Check out RIDGIDConnect Today!


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        Re: Drag and Drop and Much More Added!

        And Rick gets into yet another thread. Thats the pic from when he repaired that spigot that the customer backed his car into if I am correct