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    Jay made a contribution to the RIDGIDConnect blog this week. The topic covers Fire Sprinkler System inspections. This may be a new business opportunity for many of you that already offer inspection services, so check it out!
    Justin Daw
    Check out RIDGIDConnect Today!

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    Originally posted by Gene Bickford View Post
    I'm still not sure. Money is WAY to tight right now but it's almost necessary with all the wjta and other seminars.

    I'd really hate to miss it but I have to get my finances back in order before I can justify the expenses. Hopefully that will be soon.

    It sucks to, because I believe knowledge is just as valuable as equipment, but for some reason it's so much easier to spend money on equipment.
    Saw this quote yesterday on another forum chat thread about the 2010 Pumper Cleaner Expo ( which starts next week in Louisville, KY. If you are planning to go - RIDGID is in both number 7115.

    This post above makes a great point - knowledge is as valuable as equipment. Lets be honest - the plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and H/VAC-R trades are artisan crafts. But with the advances in materials, systems, and technology if you don't stay current you can fall behind. Even with the best tools its the knowledge and skill of the tradesman that produces great results.

    There's a great article in this month's P&M magazine on understanding your true overhead costs. Trade shows, like the Pumper Cleaner Expo, are great places to learn about new technologies or approaches that can not only grow your top line, but reduce your costs and flat out make you more profitable.

    The latest blog on RIDGIDConnect speaks to this very point.