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After the Pumper Show... Did you buy a new Camera?

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  • After the Pumper Show... Did you buy a new Camera?

    FIRST OFF - let me ask this... What did you see at the 2010 Pumper Cleaner Expo that you liked? What was cool, what was new?

    The attendance at the 2010 Pumper Cleaner Expo ( was up over 2008 levels. Doesn’t everyone want to forget 2009? Service technicians, company owners, and trades people of various kinds were out in force to look at what’s new. Many people were looking for new tools to open up new services in their business. Others were looking for a productivity advantage to save money or reduce costs.

    Every booth at the show that featured inspection equipment was marketing their digital offerings. If you haven’t made the jump to digital inspection devices, you soon will. Video capture, image capability, storing to an SD Card, Thumb Drive, or DVD are just some of the media capabilities advertised throughout the show. These systems are not small investments for contractors so it was not uncommon to see people comparison shop which is easy to do at a show like the Pumper Cleaner Expo. In the end, when you talked to attendees durability, warranty, and ease of use were common concerns that influenced the purchase of one brand over another. Put another way, the buyer wants the assurance that they can use the tool and get a return on the investment.

    So now that you have a new camera what are you doing to do with what you record? Just like with a new computer, cell phone, or digital camera the purchase of a new inspection device is a moment where you can make a decision to start off on the right foot and get organized. There is no better way to organize your digital information, job histories, and customer details than RIDGIDConnect. It will support the media off of any system and help you maximize the return on the investment you just made.

    Rather than spending time making copies or finding editing software for video or report creation, RIDGIDConnect allows you share your insights and validate your work with customers quickly and easily. It’s all backed up and accessible to you 24×7 from any browser. Best of all, RIDGIDConnect allows you to focus on what you get paid to do, not messing around with digital media or delivering job reports.

    So if you visited the Pumper Cleaner Expo this year and bought a new digital inspection device, CONGRATULATIONS! We hope you bought a RIDGID(r). But regardless, we hope you will consider RIDGIDConnect as a way to unlock the full potential of that new tool and grow your business in the process.