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Josh's Basement Complete (pics, video)

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  • Josh's Basement Complete (pics, video)

    This is long overdue but I finally put up pictures of my complete basement project. Many of you knew I was working hard on my man cave down in the basement. well it turned into more of a kid cave but its still cool. I put together an extensive RIDGIDConnect job report with tons of great pictures and a final walk through video at the end. make sure you scroll down to the bottom of all the pictures and watch the video.

    This was a great learning experience and I got to use a ton of RIDGID tools

    To see the report.. go to and enter the job code

    wjk - basement

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    Re: Josh's Basement Complete (pics, video)

    Looks Great Josh, It looks a lot different from when we we over a few months ago. Looks like the boys had a fun time working with dad, Now you take it easy for a while and enjoy it with them "MAN - KID CAVE".
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      Re: Josh's Basement Complete (pics, video)

      nice way of documenting the project

      got to love that propress

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Josh's Basement Complete (pics, video)

        Wow, Josh. W-o-w. You did a hell of a job there, my man. Some notes though:
        1. Who's your photog? Some great shots in there. (Way to go, Helen.)
        2. Good job to Helen also for her and the boys helping with the painting. Erin's not ALLOWED to paint (Imagine the boys' mess, but times 20. Seriously.)
        3. I recognize your video's narrator. Grammy award nomination, baby!
        4. Josh, you're a giraffe buddy, but one major thing in the video - I think you put the mirror in that bathroom too short for even normal people. Did Helen put that up?!!!!
        5. Josh, um, "the clock"??!!!! Really? Helen actually let you put that in there?
        Way to go. Everything looks pretty well done, seems square and true, and really comes together nicely for you. Glad you got it done ahead of the spring rainy weather. You should feel very proud of turning some otherwise "unusable" space in your house into a boys' room. Well done.
        Now, make the drive up here, and you can help me finish my garage (bring another one of those gawd-awful neon Ridgid clocks ). I've got Cubans. And rum. And beer.


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          Re: Josh's Basement Complete (pics, video)

          Very NICE !

          Looks like it took a bunch of work, but it was well worth it !

          nice job josh!