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What do you expect for your Mobile Device?

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  • What do you expect for your Mobile Device?

    I saw the recent post about our Droid app and the few other threads on the topic. There are a lot of different things we can do with mobile devices. I am of my own opinion that mobile sites are nice, but most people really want dedicated apps for tools like RIDGIDConnect. What do you think? Better yet, what do you want for your mobile device? Do you want a few features added to like watching videos, or do you want a dedicated application that you install? What else would you like to see there that maybe you see others doing with thier mobile applications? What if we had an app with 100 features that ran on a specific platform insted of an app with 20 features that could run on all platforms?

    Sorry for the storm of questions. We are cooking up a few things in the background that I think you will all find exciting. We are at a good point right now that we can still introduce a few features or shift some focus if there is a great demand for something we haven't thought about. We will have a handful of developers at a conference next week. This could be a great place for them to fasttrack some ideas if we need some outside help. Let us know!
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    Re: What do you expect for your Mobile Device?

    I prefer dedicated applications for my blackberry mobile device. I find that the applications run faster than their mobile web counterparts (facebook and ebay would be basic examples).

    What I don't like about some apps is that I often end up with duplicated communications, 1 from the app and 1 from my email. It just clutters up my inboxes.

    I just started using ridgid connect and I'm really excited about the potential for my business. Adding mobile possibilities will be fantastic for my "on the go" multitasking.