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Ridgid Connect text choice features?

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  • Ridgid Connect text choice features?

    I would like to know if there is some way to edit the fonts and colors of text and add bullits like in word or any html editor when filling out the Job section.
    I tried using an dreamweaver and copying it but it didn't work, was worth a try. I know I can use word and make a document then load it up as media but that's not want I am trying to do. Am I not using some feature?
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    Re: Ridgid Connect text choice features?

    We started down a path to allow customers to do basic edits, but we didnt implement it. We havent heard many people asking for this. We can re-visit this to see if it makes sense to do now. The biggest one I personally get annoyed with is i adding in URLs. Again, no one asks for this feature but the internal guys using it.

    We have some very cool things in the works right now, so I dont expect we will release this untill February or so if we can give it some priority.
    Justin Daw
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