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  • SeeSnake HQ Troubleshooting

    With the latest release of SeeSnake HQ we rolled out an excellent troubleshooting tool that I have found extremely helpful in getting customers up and running.

    Probably the 2 most common issues a customer "could" run into are a black screen in the editing window and the LT1000 not being recognized by SeeSnake HQ.

    Both issues are very easily resolved by running the troubleshooter.

    To troubleshoot HQ: From the main screen that lists out all your past jobs, go to Tools-> Troubleshooting Tools. (you will have this window pop up and it will ask you to close the main HQ application - just hit the X on the HQ software window but leave the troubleshooter open)

    Once you close the main HQ window the Begin button will light up and let you proceed.

    The first step in the troubleshooter is to test for the Black Screen issue. It first tests if you can run in Advanced mode. in the example below my machine runs fine in Advanced mode. If yours gets a black screen hit the "I see a black screen button"

    If you hit I see a black box, the next screen should test intermediate mode and you should see flowing water in a pipe. At that point just hit "I see video" After hitting I see Video you will get to a screen where you can test the driver installs. If you were able to see video and set it to intermediate you can just skip the LT1000 tests

    Now if you are having the driver issue you will have to go through the next step of the troubleshooter.

    the LT1000 troubleshooting should take care of any driver issues or connection issues you would have.

    If you have some advanced issue it will guide you to contact our support team.

    I have found that this has solved every issue I have run into in helping new customers get up in running. If you are having issues please run this guide. Should get you up and running quick.

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