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Terrible sound on playback

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  • Terrible sound on playback

    Sometimes during playback there will be a terrible high pitched sound that plays intermittently. I had a customer call and complain about this yesterday. I also noticed it a few days ago when I played back a different file. Has anyone else had any problems with this? I plan on sending it to the bug report today or tomorrow. Let me know if this is a known issue.

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    Re: Terrible sound on playback

    What did you record the file with. LT1000?, CS1000?


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      Re: Terrible sound on playback

      The file was recorded with the LT1000


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        Re: Terrible sound on playback

        I would highly recommend switching your audio source over to the microPhone from your laptop and giving it a try. Some underpowered Laptops have trouble process the audio through the link to the LT1000. I always use the laptops built in microphone. Generally sounds better and uses less processing power.

        To switch you audio... you will have your video and audio source up in the upper right hand corner of the monitoring screen when you expand the media bar (arrows on far left in middle) you will have a list of audio sources. Select the integrated microphone.


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          Re: Terrible sound on playback

          I switched the audio to the computers microphone and am having the same problem. The only time I get good audio is when I select the laptops webcam as video and the laptops microphone as audio. I recorded a 2:00 min. video with the web cam and had no sound issues. I then switched to LT1000 video and laptop audio and recorded a 2:00 min. video. The second video had the high pitched sound. Also when I have the LT1000 set as my video and the laptops audio set as my audio I lose control of the LT1000 buttons. I can no longer get any of the buttons to respond when pushed.


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            Re: Terrible sound on playback

            Does your laptop have other open USB ports? I had an issue once that was solved by plugging the LT1000 into a different USB port. Also if you have another computer try plugging the LT1000 into it to see if you are getting the same issue.
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              Re: Terrible sound on playback

              If your LT1000 is losing button functionality when you switch to it, that could be a drivers issue. I would also verify your drivers by:
              1. Ensure that your LT1000 is powered on and plugged into your laptop.
              2. Right-click on 'My Computer' and select 'Properties'.
              3. Navigate to 'Hardware' > 'Device Manager'.
              4. From here, expand the 'Sound, video and game controllers' section.
              5. Locate the 'SeeSnake USB Video Camera' selection and make sure that there are no yellow exclamation icons next to it.

              If there are yellow icons there, then:
              1. Right-click that and choose 'Update Driver Software...'
              2. Choose the 'Browse my computer for driver software.'
              3. Use the pathway: C:\Program Files\SeeSnake HQ\LT1000 Drivers\32 (or \64 if you have a 64-bit system).
              4. Let the machine run the update process.
              5. If you are using Windows XP, there may be another device listed under 'Sound, video and game controllers' that relates to the LT1000 as well; something titled with the label 'SeeSnake Camera Peripheral'; if you see this device, follow the same instructions to update the driver software for that as well'.
              6. Power off and unplug your LT1000.
              7. Restart your machine.
              8. Plug in and power on your LT1000 and run SeeSnake HQ.