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SeeSnake HQ v1.53.166.1031 Public Release

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  • ericthomas
    Re: SeeSnake HQ v1.53.166.1031 Public Release

    Hey Cleanmen,

    Thank you for the feedback! As for mapping, that's something we're currently looking into. I can't say, with any confidence, what direction we'll be going, but it's certainly something that we're putting some time into considering.


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  • Cleanmen2
    Re: SeeSnake HQ v1.53.166.1031 Public Release

    Hey Eric, keep up the good work there. BTW we like the software downunder. Can you look at giving us similar features like mapping or do we already have them.

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  • ericthomas
    started a topic SeeSnake HQ v1.53.166.1031 Public Release

    SeeSnake HQ v1.53.166.1031 Public Release

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know that we have moved our newest public release of HQ (v1.53.166.1031) into production. It should be released shortly. As usual, we strongly encourage all users to update to this version as soon as possible, as it provides features and fixes that should greatly improve user interaction and overall functionality.

    Here is a list of the major changes to expect:
    • New JobSpace Layout
      • Scrolls long lists of Job spaces
    • Dragging between Job Spaces no longer changes the actives Job Space
      • Special columns are no longer resizable and all columns have a minimum size
    • Event Window
      • New event log, logs actions and events with clickable recall of the actions
    • Pause Video Recordings
      • Recording of User video with the LT1000 can now be paused
    • Bookmark Deletion
      • Bookmarks can now be deleted from Jobs
    • Langauge Selection
      • Immediately after install, HQ walks the user through selecting their preferred language (new installations only)
    • Demonstration Job
      • Installs a demonstration Job for easier evaluation by testers
    • New Languages In Addition to Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and German...
      • Danish, Japanese, Finnish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese
    • Improved Video Processing
      • HQ now uses FFMPEG version 0.8 to process video
    • DVD Space Graph and Quality Control
      • User can now see the amount of DVD disc space required to create the report; DVD quality can be adjusted to decrease size/quality
    • Contact Maps
      • When connected to the internet, HQ can create maps of customer addresses in its contact manager; these maps may be shown in reports the user creates
    • H.264 Video Support
      • HQ can now import and play H.264 videos from other sources
    Again, we're always looking to improve our product, so please feel free to provide feedback; it is always appreciated!