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  • Export Formats

    I have a client who wants to be able to play videos on any windows xp based computer. Is there a way to export to a .wmv file?

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    Re: Export Formats

    Windows media encoder (
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      Re: Export Formats

      With HQ, when you export a report it exports in HTML format with Flash videos. So as long as the customer has a browser installed on their machine, Linux, PC, Mac, etc. with Firefox, IE, Safari... they will be able to play the videos in the report.

      So yes HQ with the LT1000 or imported from the CS1000 fits the bill.



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        Re: Export Formats

        Thanks for the quick reply. The problem I am having is the client wants to take the individual flash files and save them to a hard drive. He sometimes has requests from his clients for pictures or videos. The Rigid interface with the HTML is nice and fancy but he only wants the raw video files. I am looking for a way to export directly to a .wmv or something that is a native format for windows media player. I have changed the settings around on the HQ software and can not find a way to achieve this. For now the client is taking the flash format video I provide him and he converts it himself with a conversion software.


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          Re: Export Formats

          When the media ends up in the left side bar during recording.... You can actually just click and drag and drop those files into a folder. You can also right click and copy and paste wherever you want the files. They are just the raw video files.

          Heres the catch... By default they are the compressed MPEG4 files. The customer would need a divx codec installed on their machine to watch them.

          The Good News: You can switch the format that the files are written in to MJPEG which can be watched with any default XP installation without downloading any codecs.

          To switch to writing files in MJPEG. Go to Settings-> Video and switch the "user video codec" to MJPEG. That should be exactly what they are looking for. (another option instead of drag and drop or copying raw files is to switch the transcoding option to "Quick Exporting" that will leave the files in their raw format when you export a job)

          Lots of options to get what you need done.

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            Re: Export Formats

            Thanks. I will try recording in MJPEG and see if that works for the client.