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  • LT1000 customer wish list

    One thing I wish that could be changed on the lt1000 is either make the interconnect cable to the laptop longer or make it a standard usb camera or phone end that a common cable could be bought and replaced if it got ripped out accidently. Also I wish the top laptop table was just a tad larger. Just my thoughts now that I have used it for a couple weeks. Overall I am very happy with it.
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    Re: LT1000 customer wish list

    Your wish has been granted. You can take a standard USB cable of any length and replace the one that is in the LT1000 or LT1000M.

    *make sure you push the new USB cable all the way into the recessed pocket on the LT1000 or it will cause you to get a black screen.

    On the shelf size. Its a trade off between the LT1000 and LT1000M. It would be nice to have a slightly larger shelf on the M but it increases the entire size of both the LT1000 and LT1000M because they use the same hardware.

    Thanks for this thread. We are always open to wish lists. Especially on the HQ software because thats easy to change.