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MicroDrain worth it weight in gold

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  • MicroDrain worth it weight in gold

    My new microdrain arrived last week. I got a call yesterday from a friend with a service station. They have one bathroom and the toilet is not flushing right. They need to plunge after every use.This has been an ongoing problem. I go out, put some paper in and it goes down no problem. I send the toilet auger in, goes in and comes out clean. Seems ok to me. Since I have the microdrain lets give it a shot. I send it in everything looks ok, just as I am pulling it out the head turns a little and I see writing on something. What is that. I move the cable a little and I am looking at a 5 inch long pen stuck in the toilet. If not for the microdrain there would have been atleast one more trip back if not more. Thanks to Ridgid for another great tool.

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    Re: MicroDrain worth it weight in gold

    I just wrote a good piece about the K60 so I don't mind being critical now. Was it really worth $2400.00 not to pull a toilet. Or am I just being like the fox and the sour grapes. I say $500.00 is what I'd pay to look down a toilet.