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  • Works Perfect !

    Well we used it for real today, and I can find a couple of things wrong with it, but they are so minor, it is the coolest thing, we ran it down a 1 1 /2 pipe, and it is so clear, you can see the gases in the pipe, it works perfect, and it is so small, a built in locator would be cool, but not such a big deal, it works great in small pipes, but no good in 4 inch, once you get enough cable out, it really starts to coil in the bigger pipe, but I am 100% happy with it, it is nice to have something all the other guys do not have yet They will, it really helps !

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    Re: Works Perfect !

    last week i used mine to push through 2 different jobs and locate a backwater valve that was buried and another one that was missing.

    no one else can do this without pulling the toilet

    had a follow up call with the owner of the one missing/ never installed and with the camera i had a heads up on where to install the valve to protect the basement plumbing.

    the other bid was ridiculous as they had no clue where to install the valve.

    the owner was very thankful after they spoke to me and confirmed my findings.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Works Perfect !

      Cool, I was reading through some of the posts, you do alot of hard drain work, I was looking at some of the pics you posted, very cool, hey, you may know, I got a Cigarette charger adapter thingy, is it ok to plug into a power port on our truck and charge the battery with it, it seems to work, but not sure, I can take a adapter out of my boat, have an extra, any idea ?