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Tips For using the microDrain in pools

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  • Tips For using the microDrain in pools

    As some of you know we recently started seeing a lot of pool technicians and leak locators using the microDrain on pools.

    I wanted to put a few tips up here on the forum that will help in pushing the full 65' of the microDrain out in 1 1/2" pool lines

    1) Use the specialized Pool Ball Guide that is included with all new microDrains. If you happen to get an older D65S that doesnt have a pool ball guide that slips over the end of the camera, please PM me and include your shipping address and Serial # off your real. i will send you one.

    2) Cut off a 1 foot length of 1 1/2" PVC to help you gain leverage when pushing into a skimmer. Its hard to push your hand down to the bottom of the skimmer, so having an extension allows you to hold firmly onto the guide pipe while using your right hand to push the cable with short firm pushes.

    3) If your pushing through dry pipes your going to have a much harder time. If you cant put some water in the lines, use some hand sanitizer (the gel kind) and coat the first few feet of the cable and the camera spring with some hand sanitizer. its amazing how much easier it is to push with it on.