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Pool line leak video with microDrain D65S

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  • Pool line leak video with microDrain D65S

    One of our salesmen sent this in. Took it during a demonstration of the microDrain system in 1 1/2" pool line. You can see a leak on the right side of the pipe, as well as a bad joint where dirt is getting in. Also... you may be able to see a small leak at the joint in the lower left where there is some cavitation around the joint.

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    Re: Pool line leak video with microDrain D65S

    excellent video of real life pool pipe inspection.

    how difficult was it to run the camera with the pump on? seems like the suction will help in pulling the camera down the line.

    most leaks are from the skimmer to the pump. or the main drain back to the skimmer or pump.

    do they do a pressure test first and then locate the bad line with the camera? or do they camera everything and look for a leak?

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Pool line leak video with microDrain D65S

      having the pump on makes it even easier to push the camera. Getting more and more stories in from the field about guys doing the entire leak detection by using the camera and locator. Visually find the problem then locate it without having to pressurize the line. We are finding that having the pumps on really helps in finding flaws because of how the water reacts around leaks or bad joints.

      Pretty cool stuff.