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see snake LEMON ?

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  • see snake LEMON ?

    my ridgid see snake w/self leveling head has needed repair twice in a little over a year. the camera and locator was completly replaced twice at a cost of over $3,000.00. i buy ridgid tools for all my trucks, in fact we have 8 ridgid pro-press tools! ive never had this problem with your other tools. isnt there supposed to be some type of warrenty ?

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    Re: see snake LEMON ?

    Hi bob.. welcome to the forum. Sorry your having some issues with your new equipment. please check your Private Messages when you get a chance.




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      Re: see snake LEMON ?

      8 propress tools joey i need 1 more to catch up

      i take it that the camera gets used by every employee both experienced and not.

      i don't own a self leveling camera but i own 12 others in the 15 years i've owned cameras, i've damaged 1 with my jetter and 1 transmitter. none have ever been re-terminated

      the self leveling camera has more parts inside and therefore are a little less durable than a standard. but my suspicion is the operators are being a little ruff on them.

      what did the service center say was wrong with them?

      are the propress used for service and repair or new construction?

      welcome to the forum

      joey, joey i really need it now

      phoebe it is