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Light Cannon arrived today!

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  • Light Cannon arrived today!

    I am amazed at the new Ridgid Light Cannon that I got Ups today! This thing truly is a cannon! What a sweet tool. Lights up an entire room or the whole backyard no problem. This is just the thing for working in dark rack rooms and jobsites. Like all my many other Ridgid tools I own it's built like a tank and the ergonomics are perfect! Really surpassing my already high expectations! Great job Ridgid!

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    Welcome to The Forum! Great light, I wrote a review a few weeks ago. Don't forget, it easily fits on a standard tripod mount.


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        I ended up purchasing 3 of these units, with one unit to be kept in the car, since it does have the 12V cord, makes an excellent work light in the event of an issue.

        I agree, this is one of the better lights that are out there, very bright, nice dial, the ability to move the head of the unit up and down to better angle where the light is needed, and as mentioned fits on a tripod. I ended up getting the Ridgid Tripod yesterday as it happened to be in a store that I seldom get to, and it was just there. One unit.

        It is nice how far we have come along with work lights, and the fact that these units are "cool" to the touch, sure makes them a lot safer and don't have to worry about a halogen bulb not liking being moved to quickly...

        Overall, an excellent product. I think most people ought to be quite satisfied with them.


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          I'm loving this light for all the reasons sited. If I could specify an improvement I would give the brightness dial a more positive click action. Just a minor thing though and I am so happy I got this thing! I'm buying another one or two! One thing I really love is it's bright enough to just kind of point it at the ceiling and it will throw a light over the whole room that you can work by. If you are are looking for a great light this is it.


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            From where can I buy this device??


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              Free shipping from on orders over $49


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                Another positive factor is you can use 2, 4 and 5aH batteries, just with reduced runtimes.
                ATTN: Due to the security requirements of my job, I claim to know absolutely nothing.


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                  Can anyone tell me the exact price of this device. I need to buy a device of this sort for my backyard.

                  Thank You..


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                    How far can the head be rotated? 45 degrees, 90, 180, more?