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18V Trimmer Why wont they make one

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  • 18V Trimmer Why wont they make one

    I am aware of the ryobi hack but why wont rigid do any gardening tools?

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    I can only guess of course, but my thinking is that Ridgid is trying to keep to the professional line of tools for the trades. Ryobi, is more of the home owner line of power tools, though I certainly see them in the hands of a lot of the trades people that I see. And, like you just referred "hack" doesn't lend itself to the kind of reputation that I'd want my 'better' line of tool to follow (Milwaukee, Ridgid, and Ryobi are from the same corporation).

    Your comment on the Ryobi makes me wonder how well an 18-Volt tool stands up in the task of weed-whacking though. Personally, I've only used corded or engine-driven tools for that practice, as it takes more than a half-hours run time for my weekly yard trimming... does an 18-V battery handle that?