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New Ridgid Table Saw R4518T

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  • New Ridgid Table Saw R4518T

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post on here, kinda new to forums, haven't been on one in almost 10 years. I came here mainly because I had a question...

    I bought a ridgid jobsite table saw a few weeks ago, the R45171 with the x-stand, and returned it because the table top wasn't flat (1/8" out of level over a 4" area) but that's besides the point.

    When I went to Home Depot to return/exchange it, they didn't have any left, but the manager came back with a table saw on a cart and said he "had one under the same SKU".

    I asked how much it was because I hadn't seen the model number before, (only with the limited research I had done on ridgid table saws), he said only $20 more, so I bought it. I set it up, did all the necessary adjustments/alignment and made some test cuts. I was VERY happy with this saw, mind you it is my first table saw, and was wondering if anyone else had any experience with it. So, I did a google search for "Ridgid Table Saw R4518T" and just "R4518" and there are literally no results...

    Is this saw brand new? Or unreleased? Or recalled?

    Has anyone else seen this or have knowledge regarding it?

    I'd love to know.

    Thank you,

    Nathan Garber

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    R4518 - This is the Table Saw I've been told by ridgid to replace my R45171. It is a New Model, basically the next version of the R45171.


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      I like this table saw. This saw is amazing you could talk on the phone and rip plywood. Super quiet powerful assembly is time consuming but no big deal once u get it up and running. And everything is adjustable 0 degrees stop, 45 degrees stop, blade alignment to miter slots. The cast iron table is very nice and heavy and solid. The rip fence is very well designed and everything just works as it should I just can't get over how quiet it is well worth the money ohhh and it moves very easy with the 3 wheels would buy 3 more if I had the use for them!


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        Can't wait to hear and see more about this saw. Hopefully, Ridgid has finally come out with a winner.


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          You know what would be a selling feature over other table saws would be to INCLUDE a Dado throat plate with the saw. TTI/RIDGID should do this for ALL their table saws.

          Why? I can think of three reasons real quick.

          1. Because you can never get one even if you wanted to when you buy the saw as the store doesn't carry them.
          2. No one else does this so anyone thinking about using a dado with their saw will gravitate towards this saw.
          3. The price of the throat plate (to TTI) is negligible compared to the additional sales it will generate. How much can it cost to make, a dollar maybe?

          If you agree, give this post a 'like' so maybe RIDGID will see how much interest there is in this idea and consider including a throat plate with their table saws, both stationary and portable/job site versions.
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            I wish they would make the saws throat plates thick enough to easily make your own dado and zero clearance plates.
            I can on mine without to much trouble, however all the current jobsite saws ive looked at have very thin plates.

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          Why stop with a Dado throat plate also add a zero clearance blank plate in which are even harder to find. When i bought my Hitachi C10RB portable on Amazon about 10 yrs ago it did come with Dado Plate...


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            I have a R45171 table saw for about a year now and have enjoyed it. Rips well, decent fence BUT... finally had a need to rip 45? oak for a project and discovered the tilt mechanism will stop at 42 - 43?.

            It feels soft and spongy-like at 45? and will not lock-in.

            Zero obstructions.
            Gears engage to tilt.
            I checked everything last year during setup.

            I need a table saw to produce true 45? !

            Any others have this happen?

            Any advice?

            Lifetime Ridgid Warranty means I will wait a lifetime to get my saw back.
            Term limits


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              I just bought the R4518 last week. It's my first table saw.
              I was surprised how little info. there was online about it. No videos at all. But lots on the R4517 which I understand the R4518 is replacing...but I can sure see how they've managed to sell it at a low price. Overall it's a good saw for the price. I paid $297 and I'm in Canada.

              In comparison to what I saw in the R4517 videos...the R4518 is:

              1. missing 3 of the orange plastic walls that surround the underside of the saw. It only has a plastic face on the front. This means the extra blade storage is gone.

              2. storage of parts is still there but awkward. For example, one of the rubber straps that hold the fence in place under the table is difficult to attach/remove because of the lever on the pawls gets in the way.

              3. in order to get the blade guard out of it's storage area you have to remove the fence first. It's impossible to get the blade guard out on its own.

              4. The biggest disappointment is the miter gauge. Firstly I think someone in the R4517 videos said it was metal. This one is plastic. BUT the main thing is, its one of those things that has rubbed me the wrong way with OH so many's black shinning plastic with black shiny numbers. In other's impossible to read.

              5. There a couple of other items that appears to be plastic now or reduced in quality but I can't remember them.

              That being said...again, they must have made these cuts in order to lower the price. But I do not understand the miter gauge being black on black.

              Also of important is an instruction in the owners manual that is incorrectly stated twice. It states in order to adjust the angle on the blade you have to release the locking lever and then "push the height/bevel adjustment wheel in towards the table and turn it to adjust to the desired angle of the blade". This does not work. The only option is to release the locking lever and then move the wheel side to side to the desired angle....making fine adjustments difficult and well...not very fine. Moving a wheel, that turns, along a curved gauge it not easy.

              On my table saw it's also very difficult to move the angle of the blade past 30 degrees. from 0-30 it moves smoothly, but from 30-45 it's incredibly hard AND when I do finally manage to get it to 45 and lock then moves back by 0.5-1.0 degrees.
              There are instructions in the manual on how to adjust for the gauge movement. I'm hoping it will also improve the movement from 30-45. Unfortunately, I misplaced the manual while doing test cuts and I can't find it anywhere online or on the Ridgid website which is a concern.

              So hopeful if I can get the one glitch (blade angle adjustment) fixed and find a better miter gauge this will be a nice table. Again, what you get for the price you pay seems pretty good to me.

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                Hi. I bought the same table saw a couple of weeks ago. I've run into the same problem with the bevel. It stops at 30 degrees, just as you experienced it. It seems to be binding against some plastic that is part of the dust port. Unfortunately, there's little help in the manual or on the Internet.

                The manual says it will accept a 6" x 3/4" dado stack, but I'm skeptical.

                Best of luck with your table saw



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                  I have also noticed my R4518 table saw moves back by about 0.5 to 1 degree on the bevel when I try to lock it at 45 degrees. Anyone find a solution for this? I did a search on the forum, but haven't found anything