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Cordless 7 1/4" Rear Handle (worm drive) Circular Saw

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  • Cordless 7 1/4" Rear Handle (worm drive) Circular Saw


    Ridgid absolutely needs to be making a cordless worm-drive or worm-drive style saw. There's really no excuse not to be. The market is there. I'm not exactly a "social butterfly," but I've talked to 6 different people who would buy one if it existed. The market for them is solid, and its expanding. The choices, however, are quite limited. You've got Dewalt's flex volt, Milwaukee (I know TTI as well), Skilsaw, and Makita as far as I can see. I'm not looking to get shafted into a new battery platform for the sake of one tool, but it looks like that's what's going to happen. And if I have to go with something else I'm not leaning towards the Milwaukee, so that's money lost TTI. But I'm no big deal, it's the market as a whole that's fleeting.

    I'm not usually one to complain. I've gone this far borrowing most of the tools from a familial carpenter. But, personally, it's become the bane of my existence right now. I've got no saws whatsoever at the moment, and I need to get geared up to replace sub-flooring in 1 maybe 2 houses, and then move on to several other projects. I wanted a Ridgid befor this job, so I can balance price/quality and batteries. It's the brand I'm trying to adopt as I build my collection. But you can't put the job off because your brand of choice doesn't have the tool you want.

    I'm hoping Ridgid takes advantage and makes one very soon. It's been a few years now since Makita's came out. It's not a surprise that these things sell well and perform great.
    Some useful features would be:

    Rafter hook
    Positive stops on the bevel adjustment
    LED light
    Good line of sight
    Either no safety or one that isn't annoying
    A dust extractor that doesn't clog
    Easy to see numbers on all the adjustments/base
    [Comment positive features?]

    I've done some time in marketing, and I know when an opportunity is worth pursuing. This isn't even a risky proposition. Everyone else is making profits while Ridgid sits behind.

    Here's hoping they take a look at this and it gets the gears turning,

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    You sure you’re not Frankiarmz?

    I recently just bought 2 of the Makita worm saws. Their 2x18 volt. Deal was you buy 1 get a free second 2 pack of batteries. Plus it was $100. Off. So how could you pass that up. Basically bought them for the batteries.

    phoebe it is


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      Not sure who that is, I'm probably too new here to be in on the joke.

      I saw that Makita deal, and I'm probably gonna give it a shot. For the price, with the batteries, its certainly enough to get all my jobs done until RIDGID drops theirs.

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Name:	Skilsaw-Cordless-Worm-Drive-Circular-Saw-19-650x488.jpg
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ID:	744281 This is a worm drive... the others are just a play on words.