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" NEW " Ryobi Cordless 4.8 Gallon Shop Vac

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  • " NEW " Ryobi Cordless 4.8 Gallon Shop Vac

    I have there cordless 3 wheeled 6 gallon which has sucked up a lot of water since I owed it ( couple yrs. ) with no problems . The main difference's between the both are the CMF's .... 6 gallon 80 .... New 4.75 30 .. and the hose size - 6 gallon 1 7/8 " new 4.75 gallon 1 1/4 " ... Just thought I pass this on to you Ryobi fans.

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    How many is that? Three or four cordless vacs that Ryobi has and RIDGID only one.
    Ryobi cranks out vacuums like RIDGID does radios. :-)

    Are any of the Ryobi vacs hybrid and can operate from battery or AC?

    Would be nice if some of their hybrid tools could charge a battery while running from
    AC but they don't set them up that way. They have designed them to ensure the battery
    is removed to plug in an AC power cord.

    Only vacs I know of with Bluetooth are the Festool vacs, and they are not wet/dry, they
    are designed for dry stuff/dust extraction only. I am surprised no one else has added
    BT capability to their vacs since many have brought out BT enabled batteries they are
    half way there.

    Just think, you are up on a ladder installing anchors in a concrete ceiling and need to
    control that silica dust, not just to reduce the mess but to protect your lungs. A vac
    that automatically started and stopped when you pulled the trigger on your hammer
    drill would be nice wouldn't it?

    Hilti may have this but I have not checked their latest tool lineup. I know they have
    a wide array of dust control accessories and some powerful vacs.
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      Ryobi has 8 if you include the leaf vac .... RIDGID 2 handheld .... 3 gallon and 6 gallon = 4 cordless vacs . I use Ryobi's 6 gallon with a RIDGID car vac accessory kit , it matches my Ryobi's 1 7/8 " hose.

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      I'm not aware of any Hybrid wet/dry vacs on the market currently.

      Anytime I do concrete drilling work I wear a N95 mask I think Bosch makes a self contained dust collector for my Bulldog not sure about the larger 1 9/16 " .

      I use this power strip that I got for free when I did a energy audit on my house .. I use it for saw dust collection and has tool triggered outlets.

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        There are even more of them from both companies than I knew about. Handhelds from any maker aren't worth much in my opinion with their limited capacity.