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    I saw on facebook where someone was 'testing' a new Ridgid Cast Iron Table Saw. It looked similar to the Delta sold at Lowes. Has anyone heard anything about new Ridgid Table or Miter Saws coming out this year?

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    I have watched all the contractor style table saws go from OK to bad over the past few years. All of them, not just RIDGID.

    At this point if it were me I would hold out until I could afford a SawStop (I know, no one here EVER thought I would say that) contractors saw which is twice the price of the R4512. But it's a LOT more saw with a great fence system and you have the safety feature to boot.

    The only other choice would be to look for a used SawStop or an older cabinet or a hybrid saw for sale in the 500 to 1000 price range. In that range you should be looking at saws in very good shape and with loads of features you will never see on a contractor saw. Way better fence system, and a table saw is worthless without a good fence system. At that price they should be in excellent shape and if not move on or get the price down a few hundred.

    I wish they would bring back the TS3650 or the TS3660. Those were both good saws and none of the newer models have improved on them. That saw with a riving knife and the new design blade guard and a T-square fence would be the bomb.
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