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DeWalt Stacked Lith-Ion Batteries !

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  • DeWalt Stacked Lith-Ion Batteries !

    Flex Tool line has them To

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    I have been watching alot of youtube stuff on this to include the product launch. I do see a lot of BS build up and advertising gimmicks but could be a really great product but time will tell. The real testing is when the public starts putting the new batteries through their tools. The Lithium Ion Polymer batteries is not new design from what I have read so far. They are used in cell phones and Remote Control (RC) world, I would guess the RC world in the drones and the like would be closes thing I have for comparable loads so far. The price tag is probably going to be high but if the design can handle the demand under real world every day application then it could be worth the lighter and more charging times. Then it could be worth it for the long haul. The BS saying the new battery has 50% more power-a 3 amp battery has 50% then a 2 amp-again I think it is a marketing scheme.


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      I don't why all the hype ... Just a 1.7 amp hr battery can't see it lasting very long on a high demand tool such as a circular saw .

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    Doesn't seem that exciting to me either. What am I missing?

    When I saw the name I envisioned something much more than what's shown. I see nothing new there to entice me to buy yet another battery.

    I thought they had finally caught up to me and my modular battery idea that I had about a year ago. You have your initial battery with the 'brain' that talks to the tool and the charger and then a series of add-on cell packs to increase the batteries capacity. Those add-on cells could all be one size, and you stack them up to get the size battery your need. So a base battery of 2.5AH that you could add additional 2.5AH cell packs to, you just remove a cover on the bottom of the battery, slip on the extender cell pack, then put the cover on the bottom of the cell pack. Nedd more than 5AH? Just slip on another cell pack and move the cover down to the bottom.

    So when you see a modular battery system brought out by anyone in the future, remember you heard it here first.

    Oh, patent pending, all rights reserved. Don't try this at home. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
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