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    A comparison of some tool company warranties. It appears they did not test
    RIDGID, but they talk about the LSA.

    Edit: I think I see now why, they list RIDGID and Ryobi as 'Supporting Brands',
    so they're not going to get too critical and there is little chance of them being
    neutral when reviewing RIDGID or Ryobi tools, at least from appearances.
    I guess the only saving factor is that they do state on their home page that
    these companies are 'Supporting Brands' so they are not hiding their relationship
    with them. I give them credit for that.
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    • BadgerDave
      BadgerDave commented
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      By failing to name Company 1 and Company 3 it makes the whole article worthless to me. At best, it's just an advertisement for Companies 2, 4, and 5.

    • Gary 1
      Gary 1 commented
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      They obviously can't give a bad review to the companies that are paying for them to do the reviews or at least support their site. Good for them for giving credit where it is due. Some companies do give very good warranty and support. If only all did