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    My experience has been identical to the OP, they seem to be trying to scam people with the carrot of the lifetime warranty, I'm going to be returning the tools unless they step up to the plate. I like their tools and quality but without the lifetime warranty they are not worth the price and I'll return it and buy Dewalt.


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      Well, I picked up a set online that consisted of Gen5 Drill/Impact Driver, Two batteries, and charger. 129.00. Tried to register them online, but got the message that I should send all the info in hardcopy mail, Registered to South Carolina. Not only did I do what they asked, I took PICTURES of EACH Serial Number on each of the items. I printed the pics out, packed them up in a clasp envelope, registered mailed it to them with a letter, as well as included copies of pictures of the UPC code on the box, and a copy of the receipt. After about a month, they just now advised me that I was Registered, and that it is taken care of. Unfortunate that I had to go through all of that but glad it's over. I also bought a 3/8" corded drill. I believe that will go off easier, because of fewer numbers. So, I submitted that online, and have yet to hear from them.
      Bottom line: it's more effort than some people care to go through, but I want RIDGID to offer what they say they are offering to the greatest extent they can perform. I'll let the forum know what happens.
      All in all, I enjoy my RIDGID tools, they do a great job for what they're designed to do.
      James Daniel
      Tulsa, OK


      • Shawn848
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        I purchased a combo set about a year ago. Obviously im still a little ticked to be finally doing a search on the lws. Ive even went as far and signed up for this site just to share my experience. Well i picked the Ridgid brand over others because of the lifetime warranty. Period.. Over Dewalt and over Milwaukee. I gave up quicker than a lot of you guys after online registration failed I knew that the lifetime warranty was to good to be true and what Ridgid was pulling on me. Plus note the tools are still running well give that to them. But i wont be purchasing anything Ridgid in the future i dont appreciate being jerked around no one has time for that kinda garbage

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      Hello, this is my first visit to this forum. Brought here by what appears to be the topic that's beyond frustration and irritation alone: Rigid and its problematic LSA scam. In April of 2014 I bought my first Rigid tool on the basis of the LSA which was claimed by the Home Depot shills to be bullet proof. Having had past good experienced the Craftsman tools lifetime replacement guaranty I figured this would be similarly simple and no hassles. WRONG. From day one the LSA process is initially just a pita. After going thru EVERYTHING to get the warranty, I was repeatedly met with obstacles at every turn. Almost exactly like all the ones I've read about in the postings I found an hour ago right here. My first purchase was the Multi Tool starter (corded) kit with the free cutting head which I needed following the demise of the poor quality craftsman (their automotive tools are still where I hold a shimmer of respect for, per my endorsement a few sentences back, as well as the 19.2 V drill I've relied on consistently now for probably 15-16 years of hard use and abuses!) drywall cutting tool which was sent to a landfill. I never did accomplish the LSA warranty promised, even though ALL the physical receipts were sent thru all the required hoops and loopholes. In the end I was left to assume I had nothing, though at least the tool is still running strong and I have had zero issues.
      Which brings me to today and my attempt to register the two newest additions to the multi tool arsenal. Yesterday I purchased at the discount tool place nearby (which Rigid sort of appears to endorse. At least it's listed on the reg page as acceptable.) I bought the Right Angle Drill Head and the Right Angle Impact Driver, both were sold as 'factory reconditioned' and I was assured by the sales person that indeed they qualified. While I was still in the registration process I was already making plans to return to the same outlet to buy the Hammer Tool as well because I always find I need such a thing, but rarely think of it, until the next time I actually have need for one. But as I wrapped up the last step of the registration for the two current tools, I am met with the problem that ALL of you apparently know is coming: BS. I see that the Factory Reconditioned tool is NOT qualified. So I am kinda irked at this point, but at least it's indicating that a 3yr plan is at least available. S out to the garage I go to get info for the shop vac I bought a couple months ago which I realized I never registered it at all. And skipping all the nonsense, it too (I still have the receipt, of course.) is giving me issues about the warranty. But this time its redirecting me to find the CORRECT product ID number (the one on the box, that of course I don't keep forever b/c obviously a large box is something few want to store indefinitely!) which a convenient link redirects me to so I can determine per the ACTUAL RIGID product page what category to place this tool into etc etc. Upon repeating the loop 4-5 more times using the actual numbers on their web page (and also reading the model number directly off the Vacuum itself, I get NOWHERE!
      The ONLY upside I am able to find a slight bit of pleasure in is at least the 1/2 Hammer Drill I purchased last November was accepted for the LSA and apparently it was met with no impeding problems when I took tome to register it last Fall.
      But today, like each of you I've read similar stories about, I am left with only the ongoing hope that these tools will outlast my needs and validate the Rigid Brand at least in my mind, so when I purchase future tools I may stick with Rigid.
      As mentioned by at least one previous poster, other companies offering great warranty registration products (Makita is my other favorite brand recently: 19v battery impact drill/driver, Multi-tool, & 2 Batteries so far.) which both were registered w/o ANY nonsense and hassles! I also own and am happy with a few battery powered Ryobi tools, though I don't have any illusions that they will compare or compete with the higher caliber abilities promised by Rigid or Makita.

      So, I am making a change to what I previously stated. I just now went to register the latest Makita tool I purchased last week and discovered that Makita hardly offers ANY warranty protection. I was led to believe by HomeDepot that Makita did in fact offer such a claim. Perhaps my future purchases will be Dewalt when the time comes to begin replacing tools. At present I think I finally own all the powered and battery gadgets I need. Having slowly been acquiring higher quality tools since my first Craftsman Drill driver 16yrs ago. This past 3-4 years I've purchased to highest quality available due to learning the cheaper priced tools in fact cost way more in the end due to failure at the worst possible times. But as Edward Nortan's character in Fight Club said: I finally have everything need to feel complete. (maybe not the actual quote, but essentially my current thoughts in this regard.)
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        Well it was a difficult read..ever hear of "paragraphs"?

        Reconditioned Ridgid tools are not covered by the LSA program.
        Reconditioned tools typically have a 30 to 90 day warranty.
        I believe CPO sells reconditioned Ridgid their warranty.

        All NEW Ridgid tools have a 90 day no questions asked return and a three year warranty....
        and you must take the responsibility to register it!!!!!

        You must take the responsibility to register your purchase within the the first 30 days..some say
        within the 90 day period to get LSA coverage!

        This is for all Ridgid power tools corded and battery powered.

        The "Ridgid/Emerson" wet/dry vacuums do not register under the LSA program.
        You have a different registration path, the same for plumbing and hand tools.

        MOST of the other brands offer a warranty from 90 days to three years...but they
        typically cover only manufacturing defects....not wear and tear and abuse.

        The LSA program is a specific animal...and is unique.

        Finally, you must purchase your NEW Ridgid tool from Home Depot to be able to qualify and
        register the tool for the LSA program....

        If you buy the new Ridgid tool anywhere else, Amazon to E-bay you will only get a
        three year warranty. Used tools on E-bay have no warranty whatsoever.

        If you have difficulty in registering any Ridgid tool simply call Ridgid customer service
        and speak to a representative.
        Home Depot has nothing to do with tool registration nor can they help you.

        Cactus Man


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          I will not purchase from companies that play games like that. Most of my battery powered tools are DeWalt and haven't had a problem.
          Piss off a customer and they remember it for a long time.


          • Bob D.
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            Are you saying you had a bad experience with RIDGID in the past?

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          Yes, the Ridgid and Home Depot LSA Lifetime Service Agreement is a SCAM. I jumped through all the hoops required as many other have mentioned only to be denied the LSA and only given a 3 year service agreement. I called the customer service number 1-866-539-1710 to resolve and was told I had to send in the original receipt to be re considered. I asked what if I can't find it and the lady said I can just go back to Home Depot where I purchased the tool on Black Friday 2017 and they could regenerate a new receipt. So I clarified with her that Home Depot will be able to get me another receipt and this time she LIED and said she never said that. Total SCAM. I did go to Home Depot and tried to get another receipt and as expected they were un helpful. SCAM SCAM SCAM
          There are better tools than Ridgid, I only bought the tool due to the LSA which I have realized is a complete waste of TIME and money. Never again.
          To vent even more about Home Depot (who USED to be my favorite and go to home improvement store) they now give me extreme grief when I try to use the Store Credit / Gift Cards. My wife will often do my returns for me and gets a gift card in her name which for years I could use no problem as long as I had the physical card. As expected, it should be the same as cash. Now they require her to be present and so show her I.D. Another SCAM by Home Depot to avoid honoring there agreements.


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            I am tempted to have T Shirts made in the infamous HD Orange color with Ridgid printed on the back and to avoid them "Ask me why" and wear it any time I visit the big orange box. I will even linger in the tool coral to spare future consumers this frustration.


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              Amazing! Well actually NOT.

              Far too many complaints about this and the reoccurring "Scam" labels. YET, I have never had a denial of the LSA on more than twenty Rigid tools over the many years that I've been purchasing them. My first Ridgid tools were in 2003, right after their introduction and my last was this past spring. It is just so much easier to do the registration today than it was in the beginning. It's almost too easy.

              Only this past spring did a get a question about a tool purchase of the corded JobMax. One component went through within the week and the second was questioned and I had to mail in a COPY of the receipt. That took another few days, but it too was registered into the LSA without further challenges.

              So, am I just extremely lucky?



              • Mightyservant
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                Perhaps you make it sound easy or as you say "to easy", it's said only a professional can make it look easy. Many guys and gals are not accustomed to reading all the rules and the exceptions to them. I haven't familiarized myself with the LSA but clearly it's working well for you and numerous others. It seems if you made a legitimate purchase of a qualifying tool, kept your receipts as proof, can produce them at any time and filed all the required paperwork you should be good to go. But just maybe for the average guy it's just way to complicated.
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              • CWSmith
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                But I think I am the "average guy"! Well maybe not, but I would sure hope so, at least from the point of view that no one should be LESS than I am.

                But lets see: In 2003 and up to maybe a year or so (I did have some gap in my purchasing frequency), what they asked you to do was cut the UPC from the product carton, and mail that with a copy of the cash register receipt. They gave you the proper address and further asked that if there were multiple purchases on that receipt, you should mark or point out the particular purchase you were registering. That's pretty simple, make a copy and use a highlighter or pencil a checkmark next to the specific item.

                Then of course you had to give them your name and address (really hard), and of course right down the model number and serial number of the tool that you bought. (well, maybe that was really the hard part), and of course give them the model and serial number of any components (like batteries) that may have been included in your tool purchase. Then send it too them within 30 days.

                Now really, how hard is that? Of course if you bought a combo, where three tools were included along with a battery charger and two batteries, then that might well take you 20 minutes or so to account for all those model and serial numbers. But really now... are we so important that taking those few minutes isn't a good investment of our time; especially in consideration that you're promised a "Lifetime" of service and battery replacement???

                So, perhaps my "good to go" talent was that I typed up a letter, giving them all of that info, and taped my UPC cutout along with a copy of the receipt (duly marked of course). Or was my "good to go" the simple fact that I don't blindly trust most transactions and promises and therefore checked weekly on this website until I saw my registration actually posted. (I should point out that once I typed up my first letter, I just used that for every registration that followed, simply replacing the date, model and serial number information... that way I didn't have to repeat my 20-minutes of agony like with the first. )

                But with my last registration, this past spring, what is now even simpler is that you don't have to mail anything unless requested.... You get a receipt and just have to take the code number from that receipt and provide that in the on-line registration.... NO copy of the receipt or cutting the UPC out to mail, and no more long, perilous journey's in violent blizzards through hostile Indian territory. Hooray.... that was just such a PIA (I'm joking of course).

                So let see now.... I've seen complaints because guys have immediately thrown the boxes away (NO longer is the UPC available)... I guess the were really excited about getting that new tool to work.

                Or the guys who threw all their receipts away... and now have no proof whatsoever! Oh those damn rules, who would ever think I'd have to have a receipt?

                Or those that complain because they bought their tools on the blackmarket or second hand on E-Bay.... well the rule was that you have to buy it from Home Depot and have a Home Depot receipt to prove it, as they are the only authorized retailer. (Guys like to buy up those low-priced combo kits at Christmas and then re-sale the individual parts on E-Bay and elsewhere. Guess when you buy such bargains, they really aren't!)

                Of course there are a pretty good number of guys complaining because the Post Office is such an inconvenience, (like blizzards and indians I guess... so why not just give it the wife, she'll get it through, I'm sure.

                And then there were those who say they did, when they actually didn't! Lots of those I imagine. (Sounds like the same guys who said they bonked their high school cheerleader, but actually, well you know ). I suspect there were a lot of those... really never finding the time to read the book, register the product, or even check up on anything, until they had a problem.... and then they remembered they didn't, or maybe thought they did, or did they?

                But surely, there are those of us who tried our best, did everything proper and the system failed them. I'm sure that happens and I apologize if any one of those were offended by my joking... in those cases I am fully aware how very lucky I am that it hasn't happened to me...yet!

                In any case, to all the others who know it wasn't their fault, and if in some minor way it might be, WTH.... Ridgid was just asking for them to "jump through too many hoops".

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              • Mightyservant
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                Very funny CW, I think your good natured ribbing injects much needed humor into this somewhat thorny issue,...well done sir.

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              Read some of the posts on Amazon regarding the LSA, it's great Halloween reading. Some folks sound like HD is akin to purgatory when their trying to get help with tools they bought through Amazon, some sound like they're going to storm HD's.


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                I just bought 5 new power tools off HD on the same receipt and after 2-3 days I registered everything. It all went through, except one, for some strange reason. There's an option online now to resubmit the registration, add comments, and attach the receipt. I did that and the next day everything was cleared up. Nice that I don't have to mail in receipt anymore.


                • Mightyservant
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                  So no big deal right?

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                That is new, and sounds like a step in the right direction toward resolving registration issues. If they have a limited staff to do this work, you would think that anything that keeps them from talking to people (might be nice to do but counter-productive) on the phone would increase efficiency as they could concentrate on processing registrations. This sounds like it makes a move in that direction.

                There are of course times when you need to speak to a person, but being able to feed them (CS Reps) as much information as possible and a copy of your receipt up front should reduce the time you spend on the phone with CS if they need to call you back.

                It also removes the human interaction element from the transaction, so less misinterpretation/misunderstanding as no two-way conversation takes place most times. You know how someone can phrase something in a way that when you first hear it ticks you off, but when you look back on it and envision what was said from their eyes or point of view it makes sense and you wonder what you were so pissed about. You can raise your voice and throw insults at your keyboard all you want but you won't get a response. Result; both sides remain calm and egos bruised.
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                "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006
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                  I agree, they need to make it as smooth as possible. It would have made all the difference towards keeping some customers.

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                LSA Registration is B(!! S;:, I jumped through all the hoops for the LSA registration except for sending the receipt/UPC through certified mail. I have everything saved including the LSA online registration printout. I was told that wasn?t good enough. Buyer Beware.


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                  I don't understand why it works for some and for others not. I have had problems registering
                  online too but when I call and talk to someone it usually gets fixed straight away.

                  I have a few tools that I was too lazy to get the LSA registration completed in time, but that's
                  my fault and I'm not crying about it, no one to blame but me.

                  As CWS has pointed he has had almost zero problems with his registrations over the years.
                  And that is due to his diligence in following the instructions and following when necessary.
                  Some of us are not that dedicated, myself included, but I don't buy the tools for the warranty,
                  I buy them to be used as tools. If I don't get 3 years use out of them then I feel like I didn't get
                  my moneys' worth, but so far that has not been the case. None of the RIDGID cordless power
                  tools I have bought since they started selling them has ever failed. But I am not hard on them
                  as their use is in my home shop and I am the only one using/abusing them.
                  "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006
                  "?ǝɹɐ sɹǝƃuıɟ ɹnoʎ ǝɹǝɥʍ ʍouʞ noʎ op `ʍɐs ǝlqɐʇ ɐ s,ʇı"





                  • Mightyservant
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                    Stuff happens, always has always will. If you think about it, the LSA is a good deal just for the batteries alone. I don't abuse my tools either but the batteries do go bad on their own. If you buy the line for the LSA, taking advantage of the LSA is a good idea.

                    The tool line I use has no LSA and yes I get chest pains forking out for new batteries but pay I will, it is what it is. If they had a similar agreement would I take advantage of it? Probably not since I seldom register any products I buy and never had regrets about it.

                    I myself do not use the Ridgid power tool line but it's mainly for the lack of tool options. The LSA isn't motivating enough for me to pull the trigger.

                    If your a Ridgid power tool fan, performance, features and styling are probably motivation enough to buy a product. The LSA is an added bonus that can be taken full advantage of, it's free money.

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                  I agree with Bob D. I started with the 18v Ridgid line in 2005.
                  In the early years registration was simply awful!

                  Purchasing tools form sources other than Home Depot only offer the three year warranty!
                  The LSA program is specific to Home Depot purchases ONLY!

                  Home Depot does not participate in the LSA program and most of the floor staff have no clue
                  how it works.

                  You the purchaser of the tool are responsible to properly register the tool ETC. If you don't or if you do not
                  follow up to verify the registration the monkey is on your back..

                  Remember the old mail in rebates offered by other products from cars to dishwashers to cereal!
                  If you forget to dot the "I" or cross the "T" they claim your rebate was void!

                  Now using the LSA program is still a chore as in the genesis Ridgid relied upon various tool
                  or mom and pop service contracts. Since they did not get repair parts or replacements in a timely manner
                  most of them decided to stop servicing the LSA covered tools.

                  Today some not all Home Depot rental places will address LSA covered tools but many require some sort of
                  deposit Twenty dollars or more..The turn around time is still at a snail's pace.

                  When my Ni-Cad batteries finally died, instead of messing with the LSA replacement, I upgraded to
                  the Lithium-Ion battery system. Most of the new batteries are only covered for three years. I
                  do have a few batteries still covered by the LSA program and I will use it if and when those batteries fail.

                  Cactus Man


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                    I should point out that I'm not in the trades or in fact need any of my tools as a matter of working an income -paying job. I'm a home owner and a hobbyist woodworker, carpenter, electrician, dry wall doer, mason, roofer, and whatever honey-would-you-fix-it guy! (Notice that I didn't say plumber... I don't do plumbing!) In other words, I am a home owner, too cheap (or is it poor) to hire someone for low-hour tasks. I'm not a tool collector either... every tool I purchase is because I am faced with a task that my present tool arsenal won't handle efficiently.

                    So, a warranty is as important to me as quality is. I don't like junk and I think it's important that what you make and sell, you need to stand by with a warranty and with service. I also realize that in this day and age, that is becoming more and more rare. I don't make money with my tools, so I can't write them off as a matter of expense; to me, tools are not expendable. This is especially true with cordless tools. Frankly I wouldn't own them without Ridgid's LLSA program as it just doesn't make sense to have to replace a battery every few years because of it's poor quality or lack of use.

                    I still have the first drill I bought, a Sears "Companion" bronze bearing 1/4 inch... still works quite well. I still have my first Stanley level and hammer. I bought those when I was 16... so they're 57 years old now and still work and look pretty well. I've owned, maintained and improved five different homes over the years, roofing, re-wiring, renovating and remodeling. Converted garage to family living space, built decks, torn down and rebuilt, made furnishings, benches, tables, shelving, etc. Tools get used!

                    I don't buy tools unless I need them and I take care of them so that when I need them again I don't have to buy them again. Warranties are important, but I don't think I've ever had to make a warranty claim. Service is important and I think I have only had to send in Ridgid tools for adjustment since 2003 for a wobbly chuck. I had to replaced pad on my ROS, but that was a wear item that I had to order and replace myself. I do have a couple of 12-V lithium batteries I need to replace though, soon... glad I have that LSA.