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Tough Time Registering Again.............

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  • Tough Time Registering Again.............

    So..... I don't know why I put myself through this but here it is again. Now I've purchased several items below $100 from HD that are Ridgid products and had 0 issues registering them (like a sander and shopvac and so forth). It seems that anything above the $100 mark produces serious delays. It worked last time me putting the receipt up getting someone's attention so maybe it will work this time. I did as the instructions said at the bottom of THEIR webpage only to hear call back. (15mins of my life I want back). I did register it on the day I purchased the item (Tables Saw with Stand). So help me out here Ridgid before I go postal again. Note* please see my post from below as it still stands.... loads of folks are having issues. I just rebuilt my kitchen and purchase a range oven from LG. The oven cost over $1,300. There was a registration card in the box, I went to their site and was completely done registering with a confirmation email in less than 8 minutes................... Tick Tock Ridgid.... Tick Tock (ease of registration for Ridgid........ Fail).

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    You are aware that the shop vac is not covered under the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement right? The sander would be though. Registering the products should be very simple, it's getting LLSA or Warranty Type recognized in your Dashboard(stupid name) that takes a little time. At least, that's how it has worked for me.


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      Wow.....never heard of a problem registering lsa or warranty issues before


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        being in canada, all of my receipts are required to be sent in. i have registered online many times, and wait a week or two for a reply. the email states that there was something wrong with my registration, and i have to snail mail my receipt in. then in a month i get a reply stating that i'm all set. recently i have registered a gen5 circ saw/drill kit, and a shop blower.


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          Wow, once again the LSA online registration has decided to give me an issue. It used to be that 1 out of 4 would not work, then it was 2 out of 4, but yesterday I in my emails, all 8 tools I purchased in December came back please send in the information. It did not matter if there was one tool or two on the invoice, nor did it matter which store, as I ended up having to go to 4 different HDs to get them.

          Has anyone else had this where all 8 tools need to have the receipt sent in?

          What exactly is the purpose of having the online ability to do an e-verification if it does not work?


          • Gary 1
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            because they hope you will just give up therefore no lsa

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          Don't know the basis of your particular problem, unless it's that you included something that may not be covered (like a Ridgid Shop Vac, which is not eligible). I just remarked a couple of weeks ago, how easy I thought the process was now, compared to years ago when it used to require a copy of the receipt and the UPC cut from the product carton to be sent in.... but even then, I never had a fail. This time, my framing nailer was so simple I thought it extraordinary. Quick online registration and confirmation two days later.

          Sorry you're having a problem,



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            After calling Ridgid customer service, the nice lady gave me an e-mail address to send proof of purchase to. About 2 hours later, status changed to LSA.

            It was nice that they are able to do this, but it seems that this is the normal procedure now..


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              Back in mid-Jan (see post above) I purchased and registered my Ridgid framing nailer. As mentioned, it was so simple. Shortly after that, I received an e-mail to get a free head if I purchased the JobMax.

              I have a cordless 12-V JobMax, but frankly the batteries were always a problem and I don't like the tool because it's not dependable. But with the offer of a free tool head, I figured this would be a good time to buy the corded model. Problem with that was simply that my local HD didn't have anything in stock. It took more than a month, but I finally got the corded JobMax which included the little orbiting sander/cutter head.

              I then got a recip saw head for free and that same afternoon I registered both pieces of the Jobmax and the free Recip Saw online, here on this website. Part of that registration process was keying in the ID number from the receipt.

              A week later I decided to buy the Right Angle Drill/Drive head and the Jig Saw head and again registered both tool heads here online, again providing the receipt ID.

              So, about two weeks later I get a notice that the corded JobMax body is now "LSA eligible"....but not the included orbiting sander/cutting head. They want me to send in a copy of the receipt and they suggest sending it "Registered Mail". So I call them and tell them that it's the same exact receipt, so why is there a problem? The answer is that perhaps different people were involved and just go ahead and send the receipt.

              I wait a week, just in case I need to send the receipt for the later purchase, in case that is a problem too. It wasn't and about two weeks after the second purchase I see that the original 'free' Recip Saw head, and the later purchased Jig Saw and Right Angle Drill/Driver heads are now registered as "LSA eligible"

              A short time later, a week or so, I finally see the original Oscillating Sander/Cutting head, which had been questioned, is marked as "LSA elible".

              Bottom line is that with the two separate purchases, including a total of five different tool assemblies, each requiring registration, all went through quite well. Only challenge was the one head that required me to send a copy of the receipt... and even that was only a minor effort (I go to the P.O. at least a couple of times a week anyway). Within just a few weeks ALL tools/heads were registered with the LSA.

              Sure as heck beats having to wait the six to eight weeks of the original program back in 2003-2005.

              Thank You Ridgid,

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                Registering for the LSA program is like playing the lottery.

                The past three tools I purchased went through the process within around 3 weeks and
                the LSA registration was approved.
                The end of March I purchased the 18V belt sander and this morning I received the dreaded E-mail
                informing me there "is an issue"....!!!!!

                This time I sent an e-mail asking them to clarify what the exact issue is.
                I have been playing this game sine 2005 and even with them claiming the LSA tool
                registration has improved it has not!

                The only anomaly I can see is the possibility the Home Depot store where I purchased the tool
                has a communications issue between the Ridgid registration computer and their computers.

                I did verify I did not make any errors entering the data!

                Cactus Man


                • cactusman
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                  To close this posting:

                  I sent an e-mail asking customer service what was exactly the issue.

                  After they reviewed my registration information they did apply the LSA coverage.

                  I want to thank customer service for a speedy reply and action....The customer service
                  representative involved was "Tim"...again, thank you.

                  Cactus Man

                • BadgerDave
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                  So are you saying that after asking them "what was exactly the issue" with your registration and putting the ball back into their court they reviewed your registration again and found that there was never an issue with your original registration? I do believe if that's the case you have hit on a solution to the LLSA problems. Don't accept their, "there's a problem with your registration" emails and demand that they explain what exactly is the "problem". After a few thousand of those double work for them return emails they'll soon fix the so called registration issues. Then again, after all these years maybe not!

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                Once again I went through this process last month, registered 5 tools, 3 came back as need more information, the other 2 were still pending. I called again, emailed the required documents and thankfully, LSA.

                It just seems to be such a simple task that is done to make it more difficult than necessary.

                That, and my 6th item I could not register, as it was a kit so I would need to enter in 5 different S/Ns, yet when entering in the item number, it would only allow for 1 S/N. I emailed and was told that this should be updated shortly. I need to try that again now.

                It is just a little frustrating that a customer can have almost a 100% need more information on 12 different tools.... I do hope they fix it, as it only makes more work for them to manually verify everything when we either fax or email the details.

                Maybe by Summer 2017 it will be solved.


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                  Theoretically speaking, if a company arbitrarily did not accept a fraction of adequately documented registrations, the result might be to reduce their costs. I have no idea whether a pattern of behavior such as that would fall within the constraints of group legal recourse.


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                    As cactusman alluded above, maybe there is some disconnect between the Home Depot stores and Ridgid. I've purchased all of my Ridgid products online through HD, and have never had an issue registering for the LSA. Granted, the first set I purchased I had to mail in the receipt, but since then it has been quick and seamless.