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Home Depot Deal fail so far

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  • Home Depot Deal fail so far


    About 2 weeks ago I purchase a Ridgid Hammer drill from home depot.
    today the 24th I purchased a Gen5X combo kit.
    I ask for the battery deal and was told no multiple times.

    So if there is a deal the store will not give it.

    So how the heck can i get the battery deal?

    Thanks in advance

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    Seems HD doesn't sell too many Ridgid kits anymore, and when they do, it's with the 2Ah batteries.


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      Look for an end of summer sale around the Labor Day weekend.

      Beyond that pre holiday sales, holiday sales, post holiday, spring sales, Memorial Day weekend sales, July 4 sales.


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        There are two problems. One the HD is an absolute disaster. The staff knows nothing, does nothing, and are completely worthless across the board. If you can even get anyone to help you. Problem 2 is Rigid. They advertise deals and tools they dont have and won't ever have. So customers waste their time on a phone line where no one answers. This is a joke and Im not ever buying another Rigid product in my life. Its sad. I used to swear by this stuff and was one of their biggest fans. No more. You can do as well at Harbor Freight. The tools are cheap and are disposable.


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          sometimes to get the deals of bonus tools and battery kits you have to use the online purchase option. i have done this numerous times. ridgids website will accept the online order number for LSA registration.
          HEY! What does this button do?