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There is so much bad information on Rigid's Lifetime Service Agreement.

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  • There is so much bad information on Rigid's Lifetime Service Agreement.

    I've spent a week researching since I needed a new cordless drill. Rigid "free" "Cordless drill batteries" "For Life".

    What's the catch? There has to be a catch.

    From forums, to even the sales staff at HD. All bad information.

    Rigid website. Clear, but very legalese.

    The only clear concise answer I got?

    The authorized Rigid repair/warranty center (which is not a HD store).

    These are the answers I got:

    Yes it's free batteries for life. Yes, you do have to read all the stuff that comes in the box. Yes, you have to be extremely careful registering and double/triple checking that you've done it properly, you have 90 days to make sure that you did it right, 90 days=3 months time to quadruple check that you've done it right. Yes, you have to bring everything in.

    No, it's not automatic. No, you're not entitled to the LSA, you have to jump through hoops to get it. No, complaining at Home Depot doesn't get anything done. No, asking a sales person at HD won't get you the answers you need, they sell 6 brands of drills and each sales person has their own prejudices about good or bad drills. No, there is no 'exam' fee for rigid drills, there sometimes is a fee for larger things like Rigid table saws, but that's for other issues not related to the warranty. No, the lifetime service agreement doesn't cover things like you dropping the drill off of the roof and it smashes onto the ground. No, based on returns, Rigid batteries aren't better or worse than any other battery on the market (and they service almost all makes).

    The person said that people can't help, but get in their own way to register, maintain, and reregister replacement parts in their toolset of the LSA. She harps on people to reregister the new batteries on their LSA, but they ignore her and come back to her yelling because she can't warranty the new battery since the serial number wasn't registered when it replaced the defective battery.

    How does Rigid still make money on the $99 12v compact drill/impact combo even though they give away free batteries?

    Because people are stupid, don't read the instructions or clarify the difference between "warranty" and "Lifetime service agreement", or they lose receipts, or they got the tool as a gift without a receipt or they drop tools off of roofs, or they decided to upgrade to 18v and selloff the 12v, thus invalidating the LSA, or losing a battery sometime/somewhere, or what's more likely, HD staff tell people that there is no such thing as 'free batteries', it's a 'consumable'.

    How long will this LSA last given that batteries and models change all the time? I don't know. But what I do know, is that my 15 year old 12v ryobi drill stopped making 12v batteries that fit just a few years ago? And for the last 10 years I've been dealing with crappy rebuilds and aftermarket batteries. So if it's just 10 years of good battery service, I'll take it.

    For me, this is a teachable moment. HD sales staff are great people, but when it comes to the specifics, they can't know everything. Don't go on forums, don't even bother to email the company, go directly to the people on the ground level that handle the warranty, "LSA" directly. They'll give you the correct answer.

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    The catch with batteries is it must have been included in the same box as a tool to be covered by LSA. Batteries purchased separately are considered accessories.

    I also did some research on the LSA before enrolling and 100% of the people I found saying it was bad simply did not register their tools. Then there was nothing but good news from those I found who actually did register their tools. I have not had the need for service yet but the accurate information I found is quite promising. Though you are right there is quite a lot of mis-information from those who want to make it look like it's not their own fault to begin with.

    I have been told that HD stores with a tool rental attached will now provide expedited LSA service and at least all in my area have signage to confirm this. Though as you said HD employees can do nothing to change someone's status, etc. because it is a promotional offer fulfilled by the manufacturer.


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      It took longer for me to read fefrie's posting then it did to read the LLSA requirements for signing up for the program.
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        I believe the product line of choice for you will be the "Harbor Freight" line of battery or corded tools.
        Simply put after you abuse, break, or lose the tool, the replacement cost will be pennies on the dollar
        and not a big deal.

        For example: you can purchase a Harbor freight drill for nineteen dollars [not including their 20% discount coupon],
        ......A Ridgid, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Hilti, etc..drill will cost you well over $100.00...

        All these drills will drill a 1/4" hole...likely the largest a "self" person would need.

        No disrespect meant..but your diatribe has no point.

        Cactus Man


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          Yes, long explanation... but it makes the point regarding all the bad posts and the resulting confusion about the LSA.

          As I've posted several times, I've never had any problems with registration; and today, it is easier than it ever has been. My only problem is NOT with the 'registration' but with the fact that the Service Centers seem to be constantly changing, at here in my area.

          I agree with a couple of things here;

          1. Home Depot is too often a problem as most Orange Aprons that I've encountered with the subject, simply don't have a clue.
          2. Home Depot seems to have taken advantage of the misinformation by making a business out of handling returns and charging for it. (I simply don't understand why anyone would ever not deal directly with the Service Center.
          3. I too am of the opinion (perhaps wrongly so) that much of the problem posts are from those who have not properly registered, or have not properly followed up with their registration. Really, most guys that I know simply are either too lax, or too stubborn to follow through... labeling the process as "jumping through hoops" and then later complaining the process is foul.

          With regard to the latter point, I've never had a registration fail or get lost. I recently posted how really simple the latest process is, with the registration of six different product purchases and LSA approved registration in just a matter of two or three weeks at the latest.

          Regarding batteries, I haven't had the occasion to have this done with any of my seven Ridgid cordless tools. I do not expect there to be problem, even with batteries that are no longer included in the current product line. (I presume that if those old battery formats are not in stock, then they will be rebuilt.



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            Editing a comment
            When I needed new batteries for my 14.4V tools which are now discontinued they were of course not a stock item at the HD tool rental desk where I went to get some new ones. The orange apron there told me that they would be sent directly to my house at, of course, no charge. Exactly 7 days later they showed up and both were NIB batteries.