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    I bought a 12" sliding miter saw in 2015. It thought it was great. However thr handle you pull down to make a cut cracked. Not sure how that happened but it did. I started looking for the upper and lower handle parts. I could not find them anywhere. I contacted Ridgid and spoke to a man who was very knowlegable about my saw. He tried several ways to find me the parts I needed. After a bunch of work he asked if it was registered. I gave him the info and he checked and it was. He told me it should be covered and to drop it off at the home depot repair place in Owings Mills. It might take a while but they would replace it because the part is not available. Told me they stopped making the parts in, you got it 2015 when I bought it.
    I dropped it off and they rolled their eyes and said,"why did you bring this here? Said they had to send it out because they could not fix it there.
    I cept checking and asking why if they can't fix it it was taking so long. I was told by one woman that it takes a while but a new saw would be coming.
    I dropped it off April 26th. On June 20th we got it back. Not fixed or replaced. Said it was not a covered repair. 2 months to tell me they would not fix it.
    But that is not the worst part. The handle was damaged more. The support for the bag is gone. The clip that you wrap the cord around is busted off.
    2 months so they could beat the crap out of my saw, steal parts off it and return it. I have been in touch with the HD twice by phone and once in person. All I got is a man that kind of yawned and said I needed to talk to someone who was not there. And a man who says on the phone that he is trying to locate the missing bag support.
    I'm not sure I would take a tool in for repair even if they would again say they would fix it.
    Very very poor service. Very poor information from HD and Ridgid. And total disregard for my property.
    I'm thinking I need another Dewalt.
    Thanks for nothing Ridgid.

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    Replacement parts are a bit of a sore subject around here. I don't think getting spare parts from DeWalt would be much easier although I'd expect to have fewer problems with their tools.


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      Any chance of calling back to TTI and explain the situation. they should be able to see the notes and the person you spoke too. I would think you should be able to get a lot further with the manufacture than home depot at this point.

      phoebe it is


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        It seems like I'm reading a lot of "parts" issues lately, so what's going on Ridgid? While I realize that TTI is doing the manufacturing on these, it is Ridgid's name that is being used. Certainly a machine from 2015 should still be covered and have parts available for it! It's rather concerning in consideration that the warranty is 3-years without registering for the LSA; AND, if our tools ARE registered for the LSA, what are you folks doing for parts?

        I'd hate to think that one day I'm going to get a response that says, "Oh yes, your tool is registered, but there are no parts available to it can't be fixed" Which seems to be what this fellow just ran into!

        On the issue of taking a tool back to Home Depot for repair, I'm still mystified by anyone being told to do that. Neither of the two HD's that I would go to are prepared to handle any kind of service returns that I've seen or experienced. He!!, they can barely handle sales of new items! It defies me how HD stays in the business of selling anything to a normal consumer as they seem to be only tuned to the contractor who knows exactly what he wants, where it is, and needs to exit the store as quickly as they can, and they don't really care all that much about the quality because it's going into someone else's house! No sales staff that really knows anything, no cashiers, and the service desk... well, they seem to be having fun.

        While Home Depot used to be one of my favorite stores, it has reached a point where I can barely stand going into the place. I bought a couple of Ridgid tools there last year; the framing nailer I had to order through the web because they didn't have it in stock for a month or more. The other was the JobMax, which took me almost two months to get the particular components that I wanted, because they either didn't have them or couldn't find them, although listed in their inventory. Pathetic!

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          i had an issue taking in a LSA item to Home Depot. here is my post about it.

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            Yes indeed... I just read through that entire thread. Interesting that nothing seems to have changed at all. I know there is at least one Ridgid person here on the forum, and wonder if he gets as frustrated as the rest of us. Maybe not, and perhaps his job here doesn't have any responsibility to report anything back to higher management. Perhaps he does, and it simply goes unanswered (that would be the frustrating part).

            I see that I made a few posts to that older thread, and after reading the entire post, it seems that we're all just left to wondering what is going on, especially in light of all the more recent postings regarding a lack of repair and maintenance parts. Really, what is going on with that? Has the relationship between Ridgid and TTI changed in some way?

            The whole thing is sort of strange to me. Emerson Electric, seems to be different now, as does the "Ridgid" brand. While TTI runs with it's tools, and brands some of them "Ridgid", what is going on with them. Are they now questioning or perhaps have changed their stance on it's higher level "Ridgid" branding, perhaps now just looking at them as one-time sale and no expectation of long-term service... hence, no parts? Seems to me, if I were in the business of needing good, serviceable tool to get my work done, I'd be seriously questioning a brand name that suddenly cannot supply parts on even a three-year old tool.



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              I repair tools myself and ive had a rigid 16.5 shop vac whose motor burned out and of course not made anymore! research finds a motor that will work cost about 20 dollars less than a completely new vac!
              I repaired my fathers ridgid table-saw ( bad switch) could not get the oem switch but replaced it with a keyed safety switch. had to weld the plastic shell in 3 places.
              good motor but crappy body and poor product support
              i never take anything back to home depot or anywhere else. usually its too much of a hassle to get things repaired by someone else.
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